Oatmeal, water-running, sweet potatoes, and core strength!

Hi guys, hope you are having a GREAT week. Some important things that occupy my days are oatmeal, water-running, sweet potatoes, and core strengthening!

Oatmeal: Probably one of the healthiest breakfast options but doesn’t need to be just your plain bowl of oats. Some of my favorite healthy add-in’s are…

• blueberries, pkt stevia, and tbsp natural PB

• diced apple, cinnamon, and tbsp PB

• couple tbsp’s pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg

• tbsp cocoa, tbsp PB, and banana

Oatmeal is great because it cure hunger, is warm and comforting, digests well, and keeps blood sugar stable. Just don’t add too much sugar and you will be good to go!

Water-running: I am spending lots of time in the swimex and grateful for that opportunity. Thanks to my running coach, Russ 🙂 I am now progressing to running on the bottom platform against a currant and have no pain and feel that it is really preparing me for returning to running at full body weight.  I am up to about an hour and look forward to the warm temps of the pool. Swimex is kept at about 88-90 degrees which is ideal for myself because I am always cold and despise cold water! Water-running in my opinion and many others, is the #1 cross-training option for injured runners. Hoping someday there will be water-running at the Olympics and if so, I know I have a good chance at GOLD 😉

Sweet potatoes: I am really trying to cut out foods made with processed flour. I already do not consume gluten but I have been doing excessive research of foods that feed inflammation in the body. Primarily processed flours and grains, dairy, and sugar. So.. sweet potatoes have replaced those starchy carbs that I crave after long training days. They can be baked and topped with just about anything. I tend to top them with veggies and different types of vinaigrette and some source of protein.. tofu, tempeh, etc. I also love to make sweet potato fries with some olive oil and seasonings. Sweet potatoes are full of nutrients and a great source of carbs for athletes!

(This sweet potato was topped with plain yogurt “had to use up the last of the dairy products” mixed with mexican seasonings, steamed broccoli, and surrounded with carrots and celery)

Core strength! Watch out clients and athletes, I have been pretty creative and am learning more variations of the basic core exercises daily. Core strength is so important for everyone. It affects our mechanics, helps eliminate back pain, increases our balance, and is something that should be concentrated on daily. Core is not just your abs but everything bordering your spinal column. After having some of my abdominal muscles cut during surgery I am learning the importance of building back core strength. Something that is happening slower than I would like but realized that when you engage your core it takes a super amount of pressure off your spine. A concept we all need to realize and remember when out running. Think about that and practice engaging your core muscles throughout the day; seated at your desk, walking around, and while exercising.

OK. … day is busy, headed to the swimex to water-run. Then onto PT. Off to get some SERIOUS work done on the new Performance Enhancement programs for runners, riders, and starting to put together some training camp schedules. Then it’s time to train clients… Tonight will be filled with more biz work and working on an upcoming project. 😉 which will be announced later today or tomorrow. Let’s just say, something I am excited about and yet another one of my lifetime dreams and goals!!!!

Have a wonderful day and remember to give 100% in everything you do today because today can’t be taken back or repeated 🙂


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