PEP at Froedtert

Had a great workout with Mike Ribar at Froedtert Sports Medicine today. Starting with some MAJOR hip flexor stretches. Might as well use dynamite because mine are so incredably tight that I actually feel a crazy stretch just walking like a human being. Problem is, that when you then try to exercise and train, those tight muscles compromise your mechanics and in turn produce discomfort in just about every movement pattern. We continued with a series of strength and core exercises that went extremely well and I feel I am getting stronger with each workout. Then came more stretching and some time on the Woodway treadmill. I am not a fan in general of treadmills but the Woodways ones provide some great cushioning that my body was very appreciative with. Ended the session with an easy 15 minute spin on the bike for a total workout of about 2 hours. My hope and honest belief that working with the  Froedtert Performance Enhancement program long term will really educate and guide me in the right direction in pursuing my goals. Just like my clients and athletes look to me for guidance, direction, one-on-one individualized training based on each athletes individual needs and concerns; Mike and Froedtert are there providing that for me and I am grateful for that.

Then it was off to Dr. Werner for some electro-stim on some pretty tight and spasm-ed up muscles. Stim increases circulation and can help relax and decrease inflammation. Seemed to help a bit after the long workout this AM.

I am taking a much needed break tomorrow and plan to enjoy the day sans training… which only means it’s time for organizing the closets/cabinets/ and some Spring cleaning. Just glad Spring is finally here 🙂 This afternoon will be heading back to train a couple kids in performance enhancement and then an evening of SERIOUS R&R, stretching, icing, and SLEEPING. I sure must be getting old. I so remember the days of Fri night drinks and dinner. Yikes, now I look forward to some silence and couch time… lazy? old? or just overly tired? Who knows.

Looking forward to the upcoming week of focused training, working with my amazing clients and athletes, and continuing to put together some multi-sport (running/cycling/endurance sport) summer and fall training camps. Exciting times lay ahead.

Another pretty exciting announcement…. I am working on a book. Some might guess. it’s going to be about overcoming obstacles using a positive attitude and perseverance .. I have had a little practice 😉

Have a great weekend and remember to give 100% in everything you do.


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