What a crazy day!

WOW, today was a bit insane. First day trying to take on full client/athlete load at work and while I am sooo excited to be back and working with my clients and helping them accomplish their goals; I can say I am exhausted. I am so proud of my clients. Especially today, they all gave 100% effort and really showed their commitment. I really adore ALL my clients for their individual characteristics and unique personalities and can honestly say I LOVE my job. Here are some of the crazy’s I work with. I love them too, kinda like I have several big brothers. All are so fun to be around (for the most part) 😉

Gotta love the guys… It’s like we are family. So the day went like this. Clients in AM, then some stretching and rehab, PT, water-running workout, and clients for the next 5 hours, a few errands and home by 8PM. Gotta love leaving at 8 AM and home at 8 PM.

Going to start keeping track of my nutrition. I find when I do, I eat much better and eat according to my caloric needs. I also plan to start being a little more creative in the kitchen. Today was NOT an example of that… YIKES

Bkft: gluten free granola bar and a piece of baked oatmeal

Sn: gluten free granola bar, orange and gatorade

L: Hammer nutrition bar, grande soy latte, and pkt oatmeal

Sn: piece of baked oatmeal with PB

Dn: 2 small corn tortillas with a veggie burger, lots of olives from the olive bar, handful almonds, soy vanilla yogurt mixed with 1/2 c pumpkin and cinnamon chex AND 2 HUGE glasses of red wine and a piece of dark chocolate

(my main problem is I don’t eat enough during the day with training and working… then am starving and tired at night.. That will change, look for improvements.) First step, I am buying a lunch box tomorrow. 🙂 Hoping to find scooby doo or the flinestones

Tomorrow looks to be a GREAT day. Stoked for my training session in the AM, then some serious computer work, meeting my best friend at Whole Foods, more coaching work, and a stretching session in the PM. 🙂


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