A Blur of a Week

I just realized that I have not posted for several days. Sorry, this week has been a blur to say the least. On a SUPER positive note I was able to start doing some 1-3 minute runs… so far 3 minutes is the most at one time with 6 repeats of slow easy jogging and the back actually feels better going 3 minutes than it does going 1 minute. I guess I get into a more comfortable stride the longer the interval. My back is feeling better each day and it is getting much stronger along with my core. I am starting to feel super positive about the outcome with the back and so grateful for Dr. Porter’s surgical skills. I am looking forward to gradually build back some running into the plan. Again, the pic below of my newly constructed spine still kinda freaks me out but know that it is now a stable spine.

On a not so positive note, I have been feeling really sick. Nothing hurts just extremely exhausted, weak and body sore, out of breath, headaches, freezing cold, and NO appetite. It seems that the culprit is low iron. Iron deficiency anemia pretty much explains the symptoms and we got back my iron levels and indeed I am super low (anemic) despite taking iron 2 x day for 18 months. I just hope and pray we can get this figured out as I have been basically laying on the couch all weekend with no energy and unable to do just about anything. Very frustrating especially since the back is feeling really good.

I did come up with a new smoothie recipe this weekend. Soooo good. Chocolate Cherry Bliss…

1 c. unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 small frozen banana

handful frozen cherries

1 pkt stevia

1 scoop hemp protein

1 tsp cocoa

Blend and enjoy. Reminds me of a chocolate covered cherry.

Also made some home-made sweet potato fries (in the shape of chips) today for lunch. With having so appetite at least trying to get in nutritious foods.

Also after a conversation with my Performance Enhancement Coach.. I have come up with lots of ways to eat PB (peanut butter)… a way to get calories, fat, and some protein…

PB & …

spread on energy bars, toast, rice cakes, celery, mixed into gluten free noodles (Pad Thai), put into a smoothie, added to oatmeal, spread on an apple and/or banana and just plain eaten out of the jar. Another favorite of mine is PB, cocoa, almond milk, and a frozen banana.. blended and topped with a shot of espresso.

I am only hoping that we can figure out the iron issue ASAP and I can start feeling human again. Until then the days are a bit of a blur as I seem to just be getting further behind on all I want to do. But I am so happy to be back training clients and helping others change their lives by incorporating health and fitness into their busy schedules.

I know what health, fitness, and running has done for me and my only wish is that it can enhance my clients lives as much as it has enhanced and changed my life for the better.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and looks forward to the upcoming week.


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