Adults are kids with added layers!

It’s fun to coach the kids and see a lot of my past being replayed in front of me. Makes me smile even on the toughest days :-). I heard a quote yesterday that really made me think, “Adults are kids with added layers”. As kids he were pretty much carefree .. we would play, take part in sports and activities, meet friends and head to the candy store, read our favorite books and magazines (remember the magazine, Highlights?) Some days are biggest stresses were picking up our rooms and making sure we were in for dinner from playing outside when we were called upon.

I remember so many happy times in when the kids in the neighborhood would play at the end of the street. The older boys would throw the football and teach us younger kids to skateboard and play soccer. Then we got older and school work took over but there was always time to play. Then came horses, and the group of friends I rode with were the best, for years we were inseparable. Everyday after school we would stop and get some candy and treats and head to the barn to ride our horses, which also included us pretending we were horses and setting up jumps, running around the arena hurdling over horse jumps and just goofing off. We had sleep overs, played the game of spoons, told stories and watched movies. We would travel to horse shows and also support each other even in the most heated moments.

Then came college and things started to change. We went separate ways and were forced to grow up and out of our comfort zones. We made new friendships and some of us stayed close (even if just by phone). Horses remained part of my life and in many ways that saved me many empty feelings and moments. There was always one constant.

With a shake of a head, all of a sudden we become an “adult”. In a lot of ways I don’t understand really the definition. “child”… “adult” … what is the definition. Why must there be a label. The layers added are indeed experiences, lessons learned, and maturity, but deep down do you feel like a kid or an adult? Age is only how old you perceive you are.

I have had many experiences, obstacles, lessons learned, and been faced with some major adversity in more ways than one. However, in my mind I am still a kid. I have the layers and maturity I did not have when I was much younger but there is no part of me that thinks I need a label of “adult”. I can be just mature, determined, knowledgeable and successful (which gets me into a whole new topic, what is success) and still not be labeled … By the way, what is so wrong with watching the Flinestones at the age of 31.. if you concentrate their are some strong messages and lessons in cartoons that begin to shape us as we move through life.

So back to “Adults are kids with added layers”.. another thing to think about is the fact that as kids we did not think twice about running around the yard, kicking a soccer ball, shooting basketball hoops (all some of my favorite memories). Now as we are older, we can’t seem to make or find time to get a mere 30 minutes of movement into our days. We find every excuse to not go for a walk, head to the gym, go for a bike ride, and kick the soccer ball or shoot the basketball with your kids. What’s that all about? It is proven that 30 minutes of aerobic activity can enhance our lives, minds, and improve our health. So what is the problem? Just do it! Don’t make an excuse! Without health you have very little in moving forward in time, and so I see no reason that you can’t move your body, enjoy the endorphins that result from it, and act just a little bit more like the kid you once were and should continue to be.


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