Happy Mother’s Day and the end of a long week

First I want to say Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Moms out there. I am so lucky to have such a great Mom but more than that such a great supportive and awesome friend. My Mom truly is the example of strength and unconditional love. You are the best, Mom and I love you bunches.

Wow, had it been a long week. Full of some scary moments but I have to believe that keeping a positive attitude and my amazing support system of friends, coaches, and family kept the prayers answered. A couple weeks ago I got really run down, started feeling pretty sick, and knew deep down something was going on in my body.. and it wasn’t good. Had some blood tests drawn and realized I was low in iron (anemic).. Went to see a hematologist about the iron issues and he was concerned it was more than that… so a week of tests and blood work began. A battery of tests were run and results came back. A trip to the neurologist to further investigate small spots on the brain scan revealed nothing serious and possibly results from past concussions (gotta spot hitting my head on things ;-)… More tests were run, I got an IV iron treatment, and so far (after a week riding an emotional roller coaster) it is believed I have a virus that is attacking my system and has now landed in my respiratory system. A slight problem for a runner and athlete but nothing a little Mucinex, tylenol, and an Advair inhaler can’t eventually take care of. After picking up that Advair to the tune of $158 .. I thought to myself, the cost to be able to breath these days. YIKES.

Good news is that it appears to be nothing “serious” or permanent. Which after hearing multiple “possible diagnoses” this week I am just extremely grateful it is just a virus.  It’s completely amazing how we take our health for granted. When the possibility is presented to you that you could be extremely ill and not get better, it sure makes you realize how precious life is. Lesson here, don’t take anything for granted.

A few other lessons learned and random thoughts of the week

• The medical field is full of “false positives”… indeed it is important to cover all bases but technology has become such that there are many times when something appears to cause concern when in reality all is fine.

• I am so grateful for awesome friends, supportive coaches, loving family, and caring clients

• I am really looking forward to returning to my “past life with a newly constructed spine” of training clients, running, and inspiring others

• When you start feeling under the weather, listen a bit better to your body. Especially when you know your immune system is weakened.

• Drinking barium liquid before a CT scan is disgusting, brain MRI’s are loud and annoying, and I really don’t like doctor’s

• In the hardest and darkest times, it’s great to continue to be challenged

• Best inventions… Vick’s Vapor Rub, hot tea, and soup

So a long week it was… but we are not given more than what we can handle. On Tuesday I was reminded by an awesome friend that I am believed in and that he was there to support me through the good and the bad. Someone I look up to and that will be there along the entire road to my dreams. That means a ton! Times like that remind me that I am never alone (regardless how some days I feel) on the road to the ultimate goal!

Have a fantastic week and keep up the good nutrition and fun filled workouts, I know I will be! 🙂



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