Eat, sleep, train, work, repeat!

What a week it has been. While last week was full of tests to determine that I am overall a healthy person from the inside (via CT body cat scan and brain MRI), this week was for determining that I have a virus attacking my system and the return of some pretty bad breathing symptoms probably due to the virus and weakened immune system. All I can say is that coughing uncontrollably at times can really strengthen your core muscles…and cause incredible rib soreness. I guess you have to take the good with the bad. I am slowly returning to status quo.. and will soon be back to my crazy but never without excitement schedule.

The week ended with some great sessions with my training clients. All of them worked super hard and I continue to be inspired by each of their stories and progress. I am so grateful to be able to help others enhance their health and fitness and I love my job. Some days it is my training clients that keep me going!

I am also thrilled to be back to training, not to far and not fast, but putting one foot in front of the other. I even ran 1.5 miles in the vibram 5-fingers the other day. What a weird feeling it was at the beginning but after about half a mile, it started to feel pretty good. Indeed I can now see why these will be good to use minimally to work on mechanics and using muscles more efficiently and effectively. But not without a watchful eye on me. It is amazing what we think feels natural and efficient, really is not so. So I recommend having someone watch you run. Bad habits form quickly and aren’t so easy to correct.

I also have been sleeping a bit more than normal. I guess it’s a sacrifice, if I want to train I gotta get a bit more recovery time for now. Pretty funny when the parents call you at 8:45 PM and you are asleep and then they call in the AM and ask where you were. I have been told by numerous coaches the importance of a mid-day nap when training hard, starting to really think it’s an over-looked part of recovery that many distance runners don’t implement. Now if I could only fit it into each day…hmmmm (might be a new goal ;-))

And eating… yes, doing a lot of that too. I am experimenting with lots of new smoothie recipes. Using quinoa (for added protein) in stir-frys and salads, and have been eating PB by the spoonful. With being gluten intolerant and somewhat dairy intolerant, I have had to get a bit creative. Thanks to all natural PB, gluten free chips with guacamole/salsa, lots of salads and soups, and sushi when feeling rich.. I have managed to eat pretty well. Hope to come up with some great tofu recipes in the near future.  I must say that Noodles and Co. does have gluten options and there Pad Thai (gluten free, but make sure to order it that way) with Tofu is still one of my favorites. And when you don’t eat enough iron and/or don’t absorb it then you get it pumped into you like this… 3 more iron treatments to go.

I am also a fan of what I call “rice bowls”… brown rice or quinoa and then add whatever veggies, nuts, protein you like or whatever needs to be used in the refrigerator .. mine usually consist of 3/4 c rice, 2+ c veggies, 3 oz. protein, and some kind of miso ginger or vinaigrette. Never fails as a quick meal when hungry. Mexican bowl one night, Asian bowl another.

And then it comes to my best invention of the week. My super smoothie! … 1 c. milk of choice (regular, soy, almond), 1 c. frozen watermelon, 1/2 frozen banana, 1 sc. protein, and 36 drops of ChlorOxygen. AMAZING and GREEN!

Well, that is about the extent of the week in review. I am so grateful for my amazing support system that are helping me get stronger each day and back to training.

Hope to be a bit more productive working on writing tomorrow. Some really cool projects in progress. More on that later 😉 Have a great rest of the weekend and remember to get in your exercise. It will enhance your health and strengthen your mind & body!


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