Froedtert Runner’s Clinic

I had the great opportunity to meet with Carrie Truebenbach, lead PT at Froedtert’s Runner’s Clinic yesterday. She is part of a great team down there helping athletes of all ages and abilities enhance their running performance and decrease the chance of becoming injured. Carrie watched me run and we talked about some weak links in my mechanics and gait. She confirmed that I still have some glute weakness which is causing my gait to be similar to running on a tight rope. Hence the sometimes bloodly ankles when, yes, kicking myself mid-stride. We also looked at some exercises to work on the deeper core abdominals muscles with the goal of being able to stabilize and control slight motions within my core and not allow fatigue at the end of a workout to cause my form to deteriorate.

The combination of my amazing support and med. team, along with coaches, are seriously helping me achieve something that many have said would be impossible. I am so unbelievably grateful for these “angels” helping me and it sure makes those tired and sometimes brutal moments while training so totally worth it.

For more information of the Froedtert Runner’s Clinic click here. As part of Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin — an academic medical center — the Runners’ Clinic, is also involved in research. This research benefits runners by enhancing knowledge of how injuries occur, how they can be prevented, and ways to improve running performance.

I am back training and so glad to be. I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to Dr. Randall Porter at Barrow Neurological Institute in Phoenix AZ. Without his careful hand and unbelievable expertise I would not have the quality of life or the ability to pursue my passion. He and his staff are nothing short of AMAZING and his continual support, motivation, and guidance means the world to me. I highly recommend Barrow Neurological Institute, Dr. Porter, and their expertise.

As I move forward, I am focused on the ultimate goal. Set-backs are only set-ups for come-backs and I plan to make a HUGE come-back. I will devote and dedicate each day to the ultimate goal and in doing so, I look upon my Higher Power to give me the strength, faith, and perseverance to utilize the gift I have been given.


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