A message in church… and so meaningful

What a weekend. Parents flew in and off to visit Grandma in Iowa. Lots of mixed emotions. So many amazing memories of heading to the farm to visit the Grandparents. Things are different now, the farm is no longer owned by the family, Grandpa has been gone 11 years, and Grandma has Alzheimer’s. But there is something oddly special about a little town called Forest City Iowa. Maybe it’s the memories of times in the tractor with Grandpa, playing with the horses in the fields, learning to drive for the first time with Grandpa down the farm lane, making pancakes with Grandpa before anyone woke up, ringing the bell on the farm, or just being in the farm house sneaking some of Grandma’s fresh baked goods. All memories that could not make me smile more but at the same time painful as there is now an absence of that backing behind me.

In church on Sunday I sat next to Grandma, helped her move through the service and the time was special. That church holds many memories too. Family weddings, so many services on Sundays, holidays, and funerals. Almost as if that church is a part of us; a peaceful feeling. The sermon was from II Timothy 1:3-7 … Paul was there for Timothy. Paul was that special person for Timothy. God wants us to remember those special people. People that are there for you no matter what, through the good, the bad, the painful, and the excitement and milestones. People that stand in where the major gaps are… those are people that are missed and those are people that are appreciated.

In the last few months, God has put someone into my life. Someone that I look up to, someone that guides my training, and someone I feel I can talk to. Someone that I feel safe around and someone that seems to understand. Some days I just feel so thankful… for the the support and God’s graciousness.

Back to the message in church… the message went on to say that it is so important to grow and use the gifts we have been given in this sometimes broken world to create our destiny and to inspire others. To be there for others when they need us. To prove to others that nothing is impossible. To show others that success is using the gift’s you have been given to better the lives of others that might need you. I hope that each day I can fall fast asleep knowing that the gift I have been given, my passion, inspires and shows that nothing is impossible and greatness is just running down the pathways to your dreams.

I hope you all feel that you can accomplish anything you put your heart into. It will not be without a few obstacles but don’t let anyone tell you that your dream is not attainable or that you are not a success. Success is in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

-Dream big, Train hard, Cherish the journey!


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