The Alarm’s Buzz

Well, there have been a couple very early mornings this week and I sometimes question my sanity. The other morning went like this…

4:30 AM alarm BUZZZZZ…

Cristin’s brain: what is that sound, I just fell asleep

Alarm: wake up, you told me you wanted me to buzz you into alertness at this exact time

Cristin’s brain: oh but bed feels good and I am sore and tired

Alarm: get your sorry lazy butt out of bed and go run

Cristin’s brain: FINE. but I don’t have to enjoy it.

Alarm: But you will, cause you seem to keep repeating this act of insanity

Post Run…. Wow, something peaceful about an early AM run, just you, your thoughts, and that dependable and stable gift of running 🙂

Yes, there are some huge goals I have set and plan to succeed at, but on top of that running means something so much more powerful that the sport itself. I hope to be able to use my passion to inspire others. Push yourself past what you think is your limit and you will discover a completely different side of yourself. You might find you are stronger than you thought or might run into the hands of someone who truly cares about your dreams. A Higher Power watching over you while you take those risks and accomplish what you never thought possible.

Also so important is to believe in yourself. How are others suppose to believe in you if you don’t believe in yourself. This is a bit different that bragging about your accomplishments, this is about an internal thought process that will help you realize your potential. Times will not always be easy and some times will be tremendously hard. But faith and a positive attitude will be what gives you that added strength to overcome any hurdle or steep hill placed in front of you.

Now go out; believe, achieve, and never ever give up!


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