Beat by a rabbit

On this mornings easy 6 miler in the rain I had a unplanned running buddy. While running down the Interurban Trail, I was joined by a rabbit. Not your average rabbit, this one seemed truly in tune to the act of pacing. Mr. Rabbit and I ran together side by side for close to a minute. First 30 seconds were at my casual pace, then I got a little competitive and picked up the pace. Mr. Rabbit ran along with my quickened pace for about 10 seconds and then took off like a bolt of… well, “rabbit speed”. It then occurred to me that I was just outrun by Mr. Rabbit. Grrrr, how did rabbits get so fast anyway?

So then I got to thinking, rabbits can teach us a thing or two. One must always be on their toes. Later a friend and I were talking and he was telling me that he frequently witnesses the rabbit that has a little delusional direction challenges. Picture this… a rabbit racing down a driveway, veering right/ left/ right / left …trying to frantically find a way out of the path of a speeding car. Now only if I could have that quick agility going through the Agility Ladder during workouts.

What is it that makes rabbits so agile, so fast, and yet they can perfect the art of stillness when need be. Possibly all this comes from the survival instinct. They must move fast when being chased, agile when looking for an out, and still when being hunted or wanting to be invisible. What can these crazy little bundles of speed teach us about life. A lot.

Next time Mr. Rabbit you plan on joining me for a run. I sure would appreciate some of your speed or you at least not out-running me with such ease. Trust me though I am training to take you down Mr. Rabbit. 🙂


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