How I do it…faith and friends!

It amazes me how things happen for a reason. Woke up tired today, lacking some motivation, but had a bit of coffee and headed out to the roads for a run. Later this AM 2 people within 2 hours asked me, “Cristin, how on earth do you do it… the running, working, training despite obstacles, and yet always smiling”. So weird to have 2 people ask me this on the same day. Well, I can only do it…. with the help of Jesus and my supportive friends and coaches.

Most important is my relationship with Jesus. He is my Higher Power. He gives me the strength that I sometimes (well, lately it is frequently) lack. He reminds me that I am powerful and he will always stand by me holding me up. He never gives up on me, he never views what I do as a failure, and he is always there with a thumbs up whether the workout went well or did not. He explains to me that success is in the eye of the beholder and that no hurdle is to tall. Every morning before I run I speak with him and ask that he stays close to me, calms my apprehensions, and fills my heart. When times get tough I look up and ask for perseverance and use my faith to overcome the hurdles in front of me. I also think of sacrifice. What was sacrificed for us was unmeasurable. So what I must sacrifice is no sacrifice at all. It is using the gift that was given to me to inspire and run down the path towards the ultimate goal = faith, happiness, fulfillment, compassion.  He has been there in the most frightening hours, most joyful times, and when I have no good answer. I know that my Higher Power and my Grandpa must always be in dialogue as they watch over me. … The good news is that I think they almost always agree. 🙂 But most of all Jesus is a friend, confidant, unconditional supporter; and someone that can fill the emptiness, the doubt, and can be there through the milestones along the way.

The second equation to, “how I do it”, are my amazing supportive friends and coaches. Without a team, success is impossible. Sure, we all have days when we just struggle for reason. But those very best friends and coaches are ALWAYS there to motivate and listen. My grandpa once told me (while he was teaching me to drive at the age of 14 ;-)) that you must always surround yourself by those that care and believe, those that you feel safe talking to, and when you find those people that just happen cause God placed them there for you. … That has stuck in my mind for 17 years, almost as if he just told me minutes ago. Grandpa was so right!!!! Those people have been placed into my life. It really blows my mind that those that are there for you, you can also inspire. Funny story. — Someone I look up to hugely, that I see several times a week, and is helping me achieve my goal, told me that I inspire them. It just blew my mind because I thought how on earth could I inspire someone that I hold with such high regard. How could this person see me as an inspiration when I look to them for that. —- I still am not sure I understand but it sure made me smile. … Another great friend recently spoke with me on simplifying my life. To put my goals on paper (no more than 3 goals), write down those “safe/supportive friends”, and to stop trying to please and complete everything on the “to do” list when that “to do” list is really a huge conglomerate of my brain-storming entrepreneurial mindset. …. Another great friend and I just leave our lives frequently and escape our daily commitments, we go for a drink, head to Whole Foods, or out for sushi. We laugh and it’s a much appreciate “out” of our daily “in’s”… Without an awesome supportive team, success is impossible. With my friends and coaches, anything is possible!

So that’s how I do it! I keep a positive attitude, remember who I AM! And at times lean on those that truly care. Hoping that those that are there for me, know that I am always there for them. And most of all I know Jesus is with me every step of the way 🙂 What better gift could there be!


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