Fruity Fantabulous Friday

Finally Friday and it’s been a good one so far. Why, the title? Well I just polished off some tropical fruit inspired sushi rolls (well, rolls wrapped in lettuce and rice paper) complete with strawberries, avocado, mango, carrots, cucs, and some yummy sauce for dipping. A friend found these for me at Whole Foods and they were nothing short of amazing. See pic..

Started the AM, with a good run in the drizzling humidity. Wasn’t raining but was def. wet when I got back. Then headed down to Froedtert Sports Med to train with Mike. Did some hill sprints on the woodway, strength and core, then a mile in the vibrams. Finished off with some soft tissue and e-stim/ice and a little kinesio tape on the back. Tom. AM will be my longest run since surgery and have some mixed emotions. But, all is good.

Then up to St. Mary’s for my iron injection.. only 2 more to go :-)))))). Washed the car and ran some errands. Soon back to work to motivate some clients to not see limitations.

There have been some really hard workouts this week I have put clients through. All have succeeded but not without saying, “I can’t”, “not possible”, “it’s to hard” …. Those are NOT words I comprehend soooo stop limiting yourself in your mind. Got it? GOOD :-))))

We can all handle much more than we think we can. Happened to me today watching the incline hit 20%. Was I apprehensive? YES. Did I say to myself, No Way? NO. You have to believe in yourself and have faith that you can overcome. Also, it’s so important to have trust and faith in your coach and trainers. I completely do.

I must say I am soooo excited for tom. … Long run, chill-laxing by the pool with some fruity drinks and a great book I am dying to read, and then off to meet some friends at the Grafton Pro bike race. Pool compliments of my (2nd) 🙂 parents. You guys rule, and so do their awesome great danes. I know I will be guarded well.

On the business front, watch for new opportunities for student athletes and runners, including weekend training camps, online training plans, and more.

Have a great weekend 🙂


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