22 weeks

Well it has been 22 weeks since spine surgery and all things considering I am feeling very optimistic. There have been a few challenges but nothing in comparison to the instability and pain I faced over the last several years. I will be running a 5K this weekend and have some unfamiliar apprehensions yet lots of excitement too. This will be the start back on a long road to the ultimate goal of pain free running moving towards 2012/2016 goals.

I am so incredibly grateful for all those helping me out and those that have stood behind me while times were tough. Currently I am working with Mike Ribar at Froedtert Sports Medicine. He is no doubt getting me stronger and giving me unmeasurable support, motivation, and always there when we need to take a step back. Some days one step back means several steps forward down the road. I am having a really hard time learning that concept as for my own training. So helpful to have someone laying down the precise daily plans for me to just concentrate on following.

I am also transitioning to more coaching responsibilties and working on developing more opportunities through my web site, partnering with strong organizations, and e-coaching. In addition I hope to be starting a very cool fundraising campaign for one of the greatest “high tech” pieces of training apparatus available to athletes and those rehabbing from injury. More in the coming weeks about that, trust me this has the possibilities of being SUPER COOL!!!!!

I also want to promote the Performance Enhancement Program at Froedtert Sports Medicine. I have been amazed witnessing the quality of instruction given to the participants, from young kids to older adults. In addition, I had the opportunity to have some leg flushing/ massage on Friday. This will now become a crucial component in my recovery as I increase my training volume. I have been preached to by other distance runners and coaches the benefit of deep tissue work and massage (especially glutes and legs). Never could justify for myself but after the last year + of battling with rehab. it now seems like it will be crucial.

For more info on Froedtert Sports Medicine. (click here)   Froedtert Sports Medicine

In addition to this weekend. I will be running a 5K on July 10 and then headed to Green Bay July 25 for another race. I am very aware this is a progress building back up to success and that these shorter races are necessary. Certainly NOT my comfort zone. I made the comment to a close friend that I honestly wished I was running a marathon this weekend. A race I understand with a bit more confidence. Sounds pretty crazy, huh? I guess our comfort zones vary from person to person 😉

So looking forward to a day of working on training plans, watching the US Track & Field Championships and World Cup Soccer on TV, Downer Ave. bike races tonight and a great morning of racing on Sunday. Good luck to all racing this weekend and keep up the great work. Each minute of training equals a penny in the bank. Build that bank up and you are guaranteed success :-)!!!



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