My body weight in pasta (gluten free)

Hey guys. Hope everyone is having a great week. This past weekend was fun with the Downer Ave Bike Races and a 5K on Sunday. Race went pretty well, a good bench mark and starting point. I ran 20:44 and ended up 4th overall female and 2nd in age-group. I was about a minute from first overall female. It’s in sight and is motivating me to work on finding that speed somewhere in my legs. It’s been a long road the last several months and it was special just to be out racing.

Now to the pasta… I literally just ate a bowl of pasta possibly larger than my head. Favorite EASY recipe….

Lots of brown rice / gluten free penne pasta, 1 cup steamed broccoli, 1 c. chopped fresh organic spinach, garlic salt, Classico tomato basil pasta sauce (it’s gluten free :-)) … heat up, sprinkle with basil and crushed red pepper and ENJOY. Only problem was that I had at least 2+ servings. Oh well, gotta live!

Great new smoothie recipe that has become an AM staple:

(6 oz. coconut WATER, 4 oz. cherry juice, 1 sc. vanilla protein powder, 5 frozen strawberries, 1 frozen banana)… if you hate coconut water substitute 6 oz. water / tbsp lemon juice, and a couple pinches of sea salt). Blend and enjoy 🙂

The last 2 days I have had some great HARD workouts and have not even run. Yesterday was an an hour on the elliptical and an hour in the swimex (water-running) with intervals. Plus some core and stretching.

Today was another hour in the swimex water-running with a hard 30 minute tempo and then 60 minutes hard on the elliptical. Plus strength and core with Mike. It occurred to me part way through the day that I need to drink more fluids. Headaches, dizziness, flashes of chills were the story of the afternoon. Hopefully just a sign of dehydration. NOTE: Make sure you are drinking enough water and fluids when training. a mere 2% dehydration can negatively affect your performance.

Tomorrow (Wed) is another crazy day like Monday was.. lots of training clients sessions (7), 3 workouts, and a meeting in the evening. Trying hard to find the balance and time to work on some exciting opportunities and events. Really excited to start working with some new runners.. kids and adults. AND uber excited to move forward with training and racing. Most of all I hope to continue inspiring and motivating others to push past the barriers that are in the way.

People will tell you that you are not capable, not successful, and that your dreams are not important. YOU must believe, have faith, and surround yourself with the positive energy and people that will help you realize that dreams become reality with hard work, belief, and perseverance.

Have a great week and remember, you are as powerful and successful as YOU choose to be.


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