Special emotional weekend, God’s beautiful gift!

Wow,  what an awesome day so far today. So grateful for the gift’s in life I have been given from my Higher Power. This weekend is special. It is the 10 year anniversary of my cycling accident. An accident that has taught me so much about life, determination, faith, perseverance, and the importance of a positive attitude. 1o years ago I learned what life was all about and each year I have matured in those lessons.

Today was a huge milestone too. I went out to my favorite place to run, Lapham Peak. I have not run out there since last Fall, when I was dealing with some serious back issues and had little feeling in my left leg. I was frightened that I might not be able to run anymore and would never experience Lapham Peak in the way I was so passionate about. Those last few times out there, I prayed to God that he would give me strength and direction… and help me find a way to overcome what I was facing. Tears were shed out there and the physical pain did not hold a candle to the emotional pain I felt. BUT that has all changed.

Today (5.5 months) out from major spine surgery, I ran at Lapham Peak. I ran with complete feeling in both legs, almost no back pain, and it felt almost effortless. As I completed the first black loop, I had goose bumps of happiness and gratefulness. Almost in disbelief, I stopped at the end of the loop and could only smile and look up to say “thanks”. It was as if He was looking down and guiding my whole run today, my legs felt light, my lungs felt strong. After another 2 green loops I was done. However, I had a hard time leaving Lapham today. I stood by my car, stretching and remembering all the runs I have completed here. So many of those runs proved to me that I was not a failure, for I have run 21 miles on those trails in a single day, something I thought would be impossible. I have fallen and gotten back up, I have been chased by a wild turkey, I have seen baby deer and climbed hills with names such as “asthma hill” and “the slide”. But the most inspiring thing is that running at Lapham has been there for me through thick and thin. Through major running milestones, through pain, training runs with Coach, solo runs with God, and today proving to me that I have been given a second chance. As I drove away I got pretty emotional. Happiness, gratefulness, motivation, success, comfort, and a feeling within me that something had been filled..Some will never understand why I run, others might try, some don’t care, others get it and I am so grateful for your support and constant reminders. . Today I overcame another major milestone with success in a long journey that is no where near done. Today I took a major step (and climbed several big hills in the process).

Then it was to the Delafield Farmer’s Market. Raspberries, kale, and sugar snap peas were bought… followed to a trip to Starbucks for a soy green tea frappuccino and gluten free cookies to enjoy during the drive home.

Once home it was time for some relaxing and watching the Tour de France. Armstrong in 4th, Contador in 6th, and Cancellara in 1st riding it in 10 flat. Crazy. So excited for the next couple weeks of cycling mania.

Headed to the annual Tour de France party in a bit. Will most likely consume WAY to much great food, wine, and enjoy laughs with great friends. Today was a perfect mix of training, relaxing, and soon to be partying. I am lucky to be given the gift to love my life, do what makes me happy, and inspire others. Wouldn’t want it any other way!


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