Running and the journey!

Running is volatile. It can make you feel like you can conquer the world and it can tear you apart. Runners lace up their shoes day after day, experiencing moments that some days are beyond words (good and bad). Distance runners are not easily understood, we appear crazy, and yet we really don’t care. We have a passion for what we do and while others think we are crazy and many think I am, it doesn’t matter because if you run, you understand.

This is where I will document the build-up to my first marathon post spine surgery “PSS”. I am excited, nervous, grateful, and filled with silent emotion. I have been given the ok by the doctors and I am in constant communication with my amazing medical team. This is no doubt going to be quite a journey and I plan to enjoy every step along the way! I will be training smarter not harder. There will be core work, strength training, incline work on the woodway (something I was once terrified of and now know I can handle,thanks Mike ;-)), trail running, over-speed work, marathon pace runs, tempo runs, stretching and foam roller, icing, treatment at Froedtert Sports Med and Grafton Chiro, good smart nutrition, and more. I am very grateful to have amazing coaches, trainers and Dr.’s. I am so lucky to have the ongoing support of Russ Delap, Mike Ribar & Froedtert Sports Medicine, Dr. Lesko, Dr. Niedfledt, Dr. Porter and Dr. Werner helping and guiding me on this journey. My friends who continue inspiring and motivating me to higher ground, without you this would be so much more difficult. I am so excited to take this journey, knowing the destination is in the hands of my Higher Power, God.

Sat. was possibly the greatest start of this journey. 11 miles at Lapham Peak. No back pain, quicker pace than expected, and felt strong. This weekend was pretty emotional being the 10 year mark of the cycling accident. There is no word to express the happiness I felt after Saturday’s run. It was special.

Today I explored Lion’s Den in Grafton. Less than 5 miles from my apartment and what a discovery I made!! I have lived in this area 15 years and have never stepped foot on these trails. :-0 Where have I been??? Despite 80 degree humid weather, the run went great. Just an easy 7.25 miles. Soft trails, views of Lake Michigan, shade from the sun. What a great way to start this 15 week journey to the Des Moines Marathon on Oct. 17. I am one lucky runner!

Check back as I chronicle the ups and downs, highs and lows, PR’s, soreness, lessons learned, and moments of happiness, success, and gratefulness. With perseverance, determination, positive attitude, and faith… you can accomplish much more than you think you can. Let’s start this journey!!!!!! 🙂

Pictures are from Lion’s Den today 🙂


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