Being shown it’s possible

The last few days have been tough on me. Running in the heat is something I have always had a few problems with and on Tuesday I was reminded of that. Wednesday was a bit better but still tough and was feeling the effects of Tuesday’s harder run in the heat and humidity. Then yesterday at performance enhancement with Mike @ Froedtert I did something I wasn’t sure possible. Yes it was on a treadmill so that helped. We started with a few sprints at incline. Got the incline up to 25% for the last one. YIKES, something I am still a bit scared of but being shown it’s all good! Then it was time for over-speed sprints. Well the treadmill read 13mph (4:36/mi). It was only :20 seconds but at first I thought NO WAY! Next thing I knew I was on the treadmill trying to keep the legs going, then it was over. I still thought NO WAY, then there was this feeling of… WOW, that was fun. Started to believe that somewhere deep within me and my legs, there might be hope for finding some speed. LOL.

I am also struggling with having faith that I can train competitively with lower mileage and higher intensity. I have ALWAYS thrived on higher mileage when I have been able to run it. The higher my mileage became the easier running became.

But things are a bit different now. For the time being higher mileage is just not possible or smart and I am being asked to have faith that shorter runs and some added intensity at Froedtert with Mike, will pay off and be more than adequate. So hard to cement into my mind that this is the “new” way we are going to accomplish the goals ahead. But I just need to have faith and trust that it will work out. Right now it’s just a mental struggle. (See, I promise to chronicle everything).. We all go through mental struggles I tell my clients and athletes. It’s just part of the game called life 😉

I am taking the day off of running today. I know my body is begging for a break, mind wants to run and is telling me to run, but some days you just need to listen to the body. It’s about being a “smart” athlete. I have another 5K on Sat. in Manitowoc. I am excited to head to Des Moines on Oct. 17 for the marathon and to see Grandma. A little less than 15 weeks away. I need to just be patient and trust my coach, trainer, and myself.

Another humid day. Looking forward to working with clients and runners this AM. Then taking the entire afternoon to work on my new web site, Cristin\’s Web Site and training plans that will soon be available on the  Ultimate Stamina Site . Ultimate Stamina is growing and that makes me really excited for the future!

Have a great day.


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