Quick Update

Just a quick update. All is good. Raced on Sat. in a 5K. Went ok, the heat and hills got to pretty much everyone so times were slow. I ended up 2nd overall female and 1st in age-group. Disappointed about the time but that just fuels me to work harder and smarter. Had a good 14 mile run at Lapham Peak (2 BLACK loops!!!!) on Sunday. I really love being out there on the trails. Back likes it too. 🙂

Monday was a pretty long day with 7 clients, 2 workouts. Just an easy 6 miler in the AM on the roads and 60 min on the elliptical around noon. 60 min hard on elliptical is pretty equivalent to about 7 miles easy running. Today was 60 min performance enhancement with Mike at Froedtert followed by a hard run on the treadmill. Feeling pretty tired, not sleeping great. I have the next 2 weekends of no races so will put in some longer runs and really work on strength. 🙂

I do feel like I am getting stronger, so that keeps me motivated. My coaches are nothing short of amazing and are keeping me focused.

On a different note. I know have a MAGIC BULLET. Coolest blender, processor, etc of all time. Watch out for new smoothie recipes, homemade soups, and more. Good thing, cause the stomach seems to like those foods best. However, I did just eat a baked potato that was about the size of my head. Needed some carbs.  I have become a fan of kale too. Saute it with olive oil and garlic salt. That was dinner tonight followed by a bowl of gluten free cereal with almond milk. YUM. The good thing with training hard is you get to eat.

Ok, so totally off to bed. Alarm goes off at 4:30 the next 2 mornings. NOT a fan of these early mornings. That must be why God created espresso. Right?

Good night and make tomorrow a great day, you only get it once. 🙂


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