Magic Bullet, you are a genious!

I LOVE my magic bullet . Greatest invention ever! I have made 3 smoothies in the last 2 days and am now able to take the glass directly from blender base to car for drinking on the way to training clients in the AM. My 2 smoothies of choice are…

1. 1 c. almond milk or juice, 5 frozen strawberries, a bit of frozen mango, tbsp protein.

2. 1 c. almond milk or juice, frozen mixed berries, frozen banana, tbsp protein.

Both smoothies are simple, delicious, and filled with nutrients. YUM.

This weekend I might try to make some home made soup and / or hummus for veggie dipping.

I think we are FINALLY coming to some conclusions re: the stomach issues. Looks like problem lies in the pancreas and the fact that I am not absorbing nutrients. JUST WONDERFUL. Sure would like to absorb the money I am paying for food and would JUST LOVE for that to transfer into energy for my body. Oh, the simple things in life. At least they are getting closer. I had some IV fluids today and will again tom. and will be starting on some pancreatic enzymes too. All this might just explain the fatigue, etc. Nice when the puzzle fits together. No worries though, I am a survivor and I can get through this too. Always just gotta stay positive and realize that it can always be worse. I am grateful for what I do have.

I am really enjoying working with some new clients looking to achieve their established goals. Always so rewarding for me to help and witness. I am also looking forward to the next 13 weeks leading up to my marathon. The journey is just beginning. And I have a great team behind me. 🙂


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