An Unforgetable Run

Well today’s run won’t soon be forgotten. Headed to Lapham for an “easy” 16 miler. It was hot and humid so I started early. The first black loop (7 miles) I just took it slow. I just couldn’t get into any rhythm. Nothing hurt, I wasn’t unusually tired, it just did not feel easy. I decided at this point it was going to be a “mind over matter” run. I continued to remind myself to go slow and try to just relax. Not easy on techy hilly trails. The first loop went ok and I just told myself, “the Fall Marathon temps will be way cooler and the course won’t have these killer hills.” Headed back to the car after the first loop to drink some Gatorade, take a GU, and decided that I would carry water on the 2nd 7 mile loop. I was feeling dehydrated and had 9 miles to go. Headed out for the 2nd loop. Found that the hills looked larger and the flats seemed slightly inclined. Oh well, I just had to get it done. No pressure on speed, it was just about covering 16 miles while running.

I started to feel a bit better as the body absorbed the GU and thought to myself, ” I need to really work on getting my body to digest more calories during runs.” That will take practice. Had to walk some of the super steep hills as the devil living in my calf muscle starting saying some really means things to me. The heat and hills were catching up with me. However, when I went to walk the mosquitoes just about picked me up and carried me away. GREAT motivation to NOT walk. About 40 minutes into the second loop (12 miles or so) I actually started feeling pretty good. Go figure?? So the last 20 minutes of the 2nd loop went really well. You think I am a distance runner? Only took me 12 miles to feel decent. Stopped at the car again at the 14 mile mark for a little Gatorade and dropped off the water bottle. I HATE carrying water. Waist packs drive me insane and carrying a hand-held is just as annoying. Had 2 miles to go so decided to run on the road up to the Tower. The long uphill was pretty brutal but reminded myself that at these points I am getting stronger as a runner (muscular and aerobic systems) and then it was great running back down the hill. Was able to stride out and legs actually felt GREAT. But I knew the body was tired. All in all, lots of time to think out there and lots of emotions felt. Amazing how many emotions and thoughts go through your mind on a hot, hilly 16 mile run.

Then it was off to the Farmer’s Market in Delafield. Bought some kale, cucs, yellow squash, and berries. YUM. Then to Sbux for a green tea soy frappuccino and sea salt potato chips. Tasted great. Stopped at Wheel & Sprocket to pick up a new HR monitor and some supplements, including Endurolytes and GU, endurance athlete food.. yum yum

Going to be a relaxing afternoon. Going to meet a friend at Sbux this afternoon to chat and hope to get through some paperwork. Resting up for an easy 10 miler on the roads tomorrow AM. Feeling so grateful that the back felt awesome today and now 3 hours later still feels good. Progress!

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun and pray for less humidity. 😉


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