A little update…

Running has been going ok. Have gotten some pretty decent workouts in, including a session of a few mile repeats. Was suppose to run them at marathon pace and ended up running them too fast (about 20-25 secs. to fast), ended up only getting 4 out of 6 in which was frustrating. I started back today running a few afternoon miles in the vibram 5-finger “barefoot” shoes..

Click here to get more info. on the benefits of running in these crazy looking things. I really like running a couple miles in these as I think it helps clean up my mechanics. However, because of my back I still use a woodway treadmill or soft grass/turf surfaces to lessen impact. I also at times will do exercises such as lunges, A skips, butt kicks, balance exercises, and squats… foot strengthening.

My plan is to run about 8-10 miles a week in these for now. Just a little supplemental training. Will play it week to week and see what the results yield.

Also experimenting around with nutrition a bit. Eating more fish (sushi too 🙂 and trying hard to include a min. of 1 smoothie and 1 salad into each days nutrition intake. Smoothies include juice or almond milk, frozen fruit, greens, protein and sometimes peanut butter… Salads include raw veggies, cashews, greens, a protein source and a gluten free dressing full-fat of course. Also eating avocado several times a week.

The one area I need to improve on is stretching and pre-hab. (foam roller, ice baths, heat/ice contrast, etc). With the added miles I am noticing a constant…soreness! Body is stiff and sore, somewhat foreshadowing what I might feel like at say 85 years old. Unfortunately I am just 31 yrs. old so better start stretching.

I am under a bit of stress as many things in my life at changing. I had a GREAT meeting with a wonderful organization today and the future looks promising. I am lucky to have awesome people supporting me… Mike and Froedtert Sports Med., Dick, Dr. Niedfeldt, Dr. Porter, and some very wonderful friends so great that no words could describe them. I pray for strength moving forward and hope to continue to inspire those around me.

Off to brainstorm awesome new opportunities!


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