New Territory

Lots of changes are occurring and new territory is being covered. First off I am thrilled that I completed a 20 mile run a few days ago with no pain and effort that felt pretty easy. I had a lot of mixed feelings about this run. I was excited and nervous, had a hard time sleeping the night before and wanted so much for it to go well. AND… IT DID. I ran comfortably the whole time and finished in 2:41 about 8:06/mi … At no point did I feel like I was struggling. I consumed an energy gel around 10 miles, another one around 15.5 and throughout the run drank about 32 oz. of gatorade… blueberry pomegranate of course 😉

I am starting to move into more intense weeks of training, reaching close to 60 mile weeks with 3 hours of strength/core, and some cross-training. It is now I must find the time for the ancillary work such as stretching, leg flush’s, and ice baths. I am so excited for what is to come. Like a kid in a candy store.

I got a little emotional later in the day going through the last 6 months in my head. All happy and grateful thoughts, but it has sure been a journey and the journey is just beginning. I am training 3 days a week with an awesome performance enhancement coach and trainer, Mike, at Froedtert Sports Medicine. I am being coached by Dick Beardsley, one of the greatest runners, speakers, and authors in the world. And am surrounded with some great friends that keep my head screwed on the right way.

Another new territory that will be explored and I look forward to growing is that of Elite Sports Clubs. I have accepted the offer and opportunity to work for this great group and look forward to growing my clientele at Elite. In addition I will be starting some new programs there, helping with the occasional spin, core, TRX class, and helping them in any way my strengths can be utilized.

Elite’s amenities include: indoor and outdoor pools, state of the art cardio equipment with TV’s/cable attached to each, yoga, pilates, spinning, tennis, basketball courts, smoothie bar, and more. Oh, hot tubs and sauna’s too. How could I forget that 😉

I am looking forward to heading to AZ on Wed. It will be fun catching up with friends, training on some of the old stomping grounds, checking out a few running store’s and partaking in some social events… sure glad I am over 21.

Most of all I am so excited for the next 10 weeks of training and getting stronger and faster. After the 20 miler I know I have a lot more in the tank. Now we just need to find the “fine line” of building on the strengths and working on the underlying weaknesses. I am thrilled that I have Mike and Froedtert Sports Med, Dick, Carrie, Dr. Porter, Dr. Lesko, and Dr. Niedfeldt all standing behind me helping me on this journey. It is sure a team effort.

On a non-training note. I am working on a cookbook. Yes, me working on a cookbook, almost hard to believe. I have developed some tasty meals and recipes, many without gluten and dairy. Food IS Fuel… it is what allows for energy production. I’m pretty excited about this and look for it to be published in the next year. Low glycemic recipes that stabilize blood sugar levels and keep you lean and full of energy…. Sounds good to me!!!

Never lose sight of your dreams and goals. Never let others tell you it is impossible. Always follow your heart and look to your Higher Power for strength. 🙂


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