Arizona, it’s a dry heat!

Just got home from a week in Arizona. It was awesome catching up with and seeing friends (some I have not seen in 6 years, WAY to long). None of them have aged a day! I saw my past Sports & Spine Dr., Dr. Kreiner at Ahwatukee Sports and Spine, such an awesome Dr., friend, and role model. I got to see my past PT, Mike Basten, who is a huge inspiration to me. He has overcome a ton and has built such an outstanding service and company..Foothills Sports Medicine and Rehab. I also got to see and a 6 month check up with my Neurosurgeon, Dr. Randall Porter at Barrow Neurological Institute. All in all the back is doing well with a little exception. I will be just fine but in December I am headed back to AZ for another surgery. Dr. Porter is going to remove some hardware that is pressing in the area of my SI joint and causing pain. Once the fusion is fused that hardware serves little purpose, so we might as well get it out. As friends have told me, I have a “screw lose”… well, now I will get that screw removed. Plus, 14 screws in, 1 screw less equals lucky number 13??? I guess it’s a forced break from running. I preach the importance of a 4-6 weeks break for distance runners each year. Here is my forced break. 😉 All I can say is that Dr. Porter, Dr. Kreiner, and Mike were GREAT to see and have ALL offered me TONS of inspiration and support through the years. I am so incredibly lucky to have these guys as friends and role models. :-))

I also got to see some amazing friends that I helped get started running over 7 years ago. Most are still running and now have lasting friendships developed when I owned a running store in AZ. It was as if I never left. We were able to catch right up and had a fabulous time. Paul’s cosmo’s and margaritas were GREAT, his cooking was excellent, and they were incredible hosts. Seeing friends Fri. night at Happy Hour was a blast and brought back great memories. Hanging with Betsy on Friday, having lunch at Pita Jungle and a trip to the running store was super fun. Seeing Susan Loken who simply amazes me with her talent and is one of the sweetest people I know was fun too. Susan continues to inspire me to keep pursuing my goals! Dan and Lisa who claim they are “drinkers with a running problem” make me laugh as much 6 years later as they did back in the day. What a fun group!

Then it was off to Scottsdale to see the parents. Saturday was spent enjoying the The Culinary Dropout for lunch, shopping for the remainder of the day. Dad made shrimp and scallops on the grill for dinner and Mom made me gluten free oatmeal, chocolate, peanut butter cookies. Sunday was a day to relax, swim, shopping, and another one of Dad’s amazing dinners; salmon on the grill over sauteed spinach and homemade sweet potato fries on the grill. Monday was a full day of Mother/Daughter shopping and sushi for lunch. Dad exceeded expectations again with homemade guacamole and tilapia tacos.

Now it’s time to put the “thinking cap” on and breakout some serious entrepreneurial skills. I have made the decision to go out on my own with Ultimate Stamina Coaching & Consulting .. I will be opening within the Neutral Ground and I can’t be more excited. We will be working together, offering more classes, opportunities, and maybe expanding down the road. I am so lucky to have such great clients and athletes that I work with and looking to grow in the HUGE ways. The future is bright and despite some set-backs, well… they are only setups for comebacks. So watch out!

I’ll end with this. We are not given more than what we can overcome. One must never let others try to minimize or squash their dreams and goals in life. I believe that having FAITH in a HIGHER POWER and BELIEF in GOD has allowed me to hurdle and climb all obstacles that I had had placed in front of me. Without amazing friends and support from amazing people I would not be here today, knowing that I will make it to the top…one way or another ;-).

Have a GREAT week and run for excellence in all that you do!



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