Sometimes you have to let the turtle win the race!

It occurred to me this AM that it IS ok to sometimes just slow down and enjoy the scenery. Turtle’s do a great job of that. They move slow, take their time, and seem to contemplate life to it’s fullest. Then there are the jack rabbits that speed through life, always dashing in and out, and never seeming to take the time to enjoy the scenery of life.

Today’s workout was great. Yes, I was quite the turtle today. Slow as can be and enjoying each stride along the way. I think it is pretty funny when I hear others say to me…”I can’t run with you, your to fast”. Little do each of those people know that there are quite a few days that I go out and just run slow. I don’t think about pace, intervals, time, route, or distance. I just run.

I want to stress to runners that it is so important to run your easy runs EASY so that you can run your harder workouts at the appropriate intensity. Far to many runners train in the gray zone… they run their easy workouts to hard to properly recover and therefore when they need to complete a challenging workouts, they don’t have the energy and are not recovered enough which leads to breakdown and injury.

As both a coach and a distance runner, I have stressed this and yet at times gotten caught in the vicious cycle of “no return”. Endorphins are the body’s natural pain relievers. Running releases and floods the body with endorphins. So we don’t feel pain and discomfort until it is possibly to late.

So lesson for the day – It’s ok to run SLOW, it’s ok to take it EASY, ENJOY the scenery, AND run your easy runs easy so that you can complete your hard runs with success. !!! Got it? GOOD!

Enjoy the day. 🙂


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