Busy weekend, race, party, 20 miler

What a great weekend. It started out rocky with Friday spending some time at the hospital getting IV fluids and iron. Then a quiet night, getting rested to race on Sat. AM at the Make a Wish Foundation 5K, a great cause. I felt horrible warming up.. out of breath, legs like lead, and just not mentally into it. Regardless, I knew I had to do my best and remember that there are those fighting so much more in life. So I just said, “well I will go out hard and see if I can hang on”. The first 2 miles were aggressive, maybe a bit to aggressive as I was close to 12:40 at mile 2. Then reality set in, huge cramp in my diaphragm and legs just tightened up. I had to really back off, more so than I can ever remember doing in a race. There was still a gap between me and Jadi, a friend and fellow competitor. However each time I glanced back she was getting closer and I was hurting more. I just tried to focus and dig deep. Finally I saw the finish banners in the distance and then it was just a zone focus to the line. I can say from the bottom of my heart. I really dislike the 5K distance , give me a marathon any day. I think the look on my face here at the finish line says it all. I know realized I only endged out Jadi, by maybe a foot length. Ended up 2nd overall female and 1st in age group. But wasn’t all that happy with the time.

Then it was off to Whole Foods to get some gluten free basics like frozen waffles, rice crackers, olives, cereal bars, veggie burgers, etc.

Home to shower and get ready for the Cowan margarita party. Great times, strong tasty drinks, wonderful gluten free chicken enchiladas, chips, guacamole, various salsas and more. Super fun!

Home to try to get some sleep. Lesson learned, I sleep horrible after drinking margaritas. Saw almost every hour on the clock. Lesson learned, AGAIN.

This AM, was a 20 mile hard workout. The run went well though and finished it off in 2:37. I am now a bit confused on what I think I can run the Oct. marathon in. I think I can run faster than I think I can run. Try to make sense out of that. LOL

Then home to the ice bath ..Brrr, a couple gluten free waffles with PBJ, a cherry banana smoothie, and some relaxing on the couch watching track. What a weekend. Definitely exhausted, sore, but happy. I will be even happier when in Dec. I will get a screw removed from my back. A screw that decided to take a little detour and has ended up pressing on the area of my SI joint. It is a constant reminder pretty much every step of the way.

Looking forward to a busy week of training and working at PERFORMANCE RUNNING OUTFITTERS, greatest running store out there!. Grateful for friends, coaches, and mentors as they are there for me each step of the way.

Make it a great week.



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