CRAZY for Dedicated?

This morning’s run was a little CRAZY. Woke up to sounds of thunder. Looked outside, yep… storms on the way. Checked the computer and saw a storm just making it’s way into the area. Then a break, followed by another storm cell. If I calculated everything right, I would have time for toast and java while the first storm hit and then enough time between storm cells to get my run in. PERFECT. Watched the first storm come along. Lightening, thunder, hail, and rain. Got dressed and out I went.

The first 2 miles were a little wet, sprinkling but nothing to bad. About half way through I just had a sense that things might get ugly. To bad I was 3 miles from the car. Within the next 30 seconds the downpour began with hail following. Nothing like 55 degrees, pouring rain, followed by hail. I continued but picked up the pace a bit. By now there were more water puddles than not and feet were soaked. I was running between lightening strikes and thunder bolts but knew that due to the rubber outsoles of my Newton running shoes I was in pretty good shape and protected from the electricity from above.

The hail was a bit painful but my legs felt great considering a hilly trail 17 miler yesterday and back was very manageable today. Was glad to finish up the 6 miler at my car, parked at Starbucks. Thankfully had dry clothes in car, as I was SOAKED and cold. Changed, got a grande soy pumpkin spice latte, chatted with Cassie, and stopped at the store to get stuff to make soup. I guess I was a bit off with calculating my run between storms, it is still stormy and dark.

Crazy or dedicated? I got my AM run in.

Happy Labor Day!!!! :-))



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