Why I Run?

I was going through emails today and had 2 emails that included the question to me, “why do you run?” So I started thinking and took out the journal, which is part journal and part manuscript to my first book. Here is what came to me…..
My passion for running burns in my heart. Running pushes me to my limits and tests my willpower. It drives me to accomplish the impossible and locates my inner strength. Running defines my courage and displays my faith in achieving the improbable.
Running is far deeper to me than a sport or hobby. Running has helped me through many tough times; death of loved ones, expectations from others, self-image, the feeling of temporary paralysis, relationship struggles, illnesses, and recently through an event that was both horrifying and life changing. Running has been a constant. A healthy passion and a way to connect with the faith I have in God. I silently communicate with God while out running. Time for me to just spend time with him. To ask him questions, I get reassurance that I will be ok, and to graciously ask for him to give me the strength/courage/and perseverance needed to keep fighting forward. I ask that he helps those I love get the help they need and be able to appreciate and love me for who I am. Running is my freedom, a time when everything is just perfect. When I run, there is nothing holding me back. I get to be who I am and don’t have to be anyone else. I am a runner, I am me, I am Cristin, and that is what is so perfect with the time I spend running.
The goals I have made are MY goals. I have the most amazing team of individuals helping, guiding, directing, and keeping me focused. These are the individuals that truly understand why I run. These amazing people motivate and inspire me and that is just another reason that running has brought me so much happiness. Without running, these relationships would not have happened. God puts people in places to make amazing things in life happen. Sure glad that I get to spend time each day with God while out running and throughout each moment of each day. 🙂
That is why I run.

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