Running a fine line

I promised to write about the ups and downs, the fast and slow days, and the endorphin highs and motivation lows. Training the last week has been going great. Cooler temps, fresher legs, higher mileage are HUGE confidence boosters. So happy for that. But as distance runners we run a fine line and when we cross it, it can be the hardest impact on our mind’s and body’s.

Yesterday afternoon I did a hard workout on my own (strength, core, and 2 miles in racing flats) all after a pretty hard 7+ miler in the AM. For some reason I think I am invincible when I train on my own and just kept going (I guess, the endurance athlete in me). Felt ok, finished it up with 2 miles in my Nike Lunar Racer\’s . Then made up my Endurox recovery drink and headed out. 45 minute drive and when I got out of the car I knew I was in trouble. Muscles were pretty trashed and soreness had set in. Wow, I am sure great at beating myself up.

Woke up this AM with NO motivation, frustrated sore body, back that feels on the edge of a set-back, and an annoying cough. These are the days that being an endurance athlete and runner are so mentally frustrating. Do I go do my 12 mile progression run, do I just go out for a light easy run, do I throw in the towel or head to the pool for a water-running workout. Still have not decided and still drinking coffee relaxing on the couch

I know I should not get frustrated by these days but I do. I know I am way ahead of schedule from having spine surgery in Jan. of this year but it is so frustrating and sometimes I feel I will never get back to being able to handle the mileage, find my faster legs, and be able to keep my head above the water of distance running and racing. This return from the Jan. surgery has been TOUGH. Far tougher than I thought it would be. It has required PATIENCE I never knew I had, FAITH in God and my Coaches, TRUST in myself, and INTELLIGENCE in being a “smarter athlete”.

To be 100% honest, days like today I question WHY? But I remember where I have been and who is behind me and then I realize that it is just one day and as my Grandpa (best-friend) said before passing away. Live each day to the fullest, believing in yourself, and asking God for strength and courage. Thanks Grandpa and I know you are watching over me from above.


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