Race, Recovery, Badgers, and Delicious Dinner

The AM started early with the alarm blaring at 4:45AM. If I was going to go to the race I had to leave by 5:15AM. I lay in bed thinking of all the crazy reasons I am going to drive 60 miles to a 5K in the pouring rain and hail. Then remember that it’s for a great cause, it’s a good tune up (at least that is what I told myself), and that it’s one more opportunity for the racing resume. SO.. I got my lazy unmotivated butt out of bed and stumbled to the coffee pot. Thank goodness for hot coffee on a very sore throat. There really is NOTHING better than hot coffee on a cold early AM. Packed the bag, made the Udi’s gluten free toast and off I went.

The drive was flashing… lightening straight up and down, still pitch black, and blinding rain. Yes, I questioned my sanity multiple times. Got to the race, warmed up, did some strides and dynamic warm-up drills and we lined up. Went out pretty strong but without much competition. Felt good in the new racing flats (Nike Lunar Racer 2) and kept a steady tempo effort. The weather was really crappy. With the marathon a week away, I was a bit afraid to go completely all out. I just need more practice I guess on these shorter races. They just feel like tempo runs to me and even though I think I am giving my best, I frequently finish and within a minute or 2 feel like I could go run another 10 miles. Someday, I swear I will learn to run a “right” 5K race. Until then, for the record… I hate 5K’s.

I ended winning the race overall and therefore was the 1st overall female too. Not a great time, but all things considering it is fine. Here is a pic with the top 3 female finishers. The race was for a GREAT cause Aid Africa\’s Children which raises money to provide the kid’s schooling and medical assistance. So despite the crappy weather and me not feeling great, I would not have missed it and supporting the cause.

Then it was home to relax in the warmth of my apartment watching the Badgers DEFEAT ASU. So Arizona buddies. Badgers WON, you LOST :-)))) Was an exciting game. College game days are simply not good for me staying at racing weight. WAY to much snacking today, just couldn’t figure out what I wanted. Not Good! Marathon 1 week away which means perfect nutrition ALL week starting tomorrow. Fun times 😉

I did come up with a somewhat extravagant dinner (well, for me it was). Fresh organic salad greens from the farmers market, cucumber, bell pepper, tomato, and sauteed garlic shrimp… topped with some organic gluten free non dairy ranch dressing, pico de gallo, and crushed chia and flaxseed chips. YUM

Last but not least, another pic from today’s 5K. Here are the top 3 men and women which included an African boy that raced and did extremely well.

Hoping tomorrow’s 13 miler goes well, as I will try running it in the racing flats I plan to run the marathon in. Then about 50 miles this week and marathon on Sunday. Will use this marathon as a hard training run in preparation for Des Moines in 4 weeks. So grateful for my gift in being able to be back running at this level just 8 months post spine surgery. Sometimes it seems almost unbelievable and I thank all those that continue to support, motivate, and guide me. You guys are amazing!

OK, sad to say but it’s about 8:00 PM, off to rest up and get a good nights sleep. The sacrifices endurance athletes make sometimes just make me shake my head and laugh… and we do this to ourselves, but wouldn’t have it any other way. Then ultimate goal burns to deep in my heart 🙂 !!!

Have a great Sunday and enjoy the weekend!



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