Shrimp Nachos

Made up some shrimp nachos on this cold wet day. I have to say they were beyond amazing, better than any restaurant and simple and pretty much healthy.

Sea salt and lime organic Frontera tortilla chips (my all time favorite tortilla chips)

chopped up fresh broccoli (from farmer’s market)

diced red bell pepper (from farmer’s market)

6-8 small shrimp sauteed in fresh garlic and extra virgin olive oil

small amount of shredded REAL Wisconsin sharp white cheddar cheese (I am trying to re-introduce dairy to my diet)

fresh pico de gallo

a little salsa verde

Directions: spread chips in plate, cover with broccoli and bell pepper, toss on shrimp, sprinkle with cheese, spoon a little pico over top. Microwave 1:30-2:00 .. spread a little salsa verde on top and enjoy. I might have added a little diced avocado if I add it, but didn’t. Super yummy.


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