The right thing isn’t the easiest!

What a CRAZY and PRODUCTIVE day. Left the house at 7 to run , then training at Foedtert Sports Med, meetings, and finished up the day at Real Fitness (so excited about the exciting new opportunities for members and the community at Real Fitness). Grateful that I LOVE what I do, even though some days are a bit crazy trying to fit it all in. It makes us tougher and more time efficient (or something like that ;-))

Something I wanted to point out that has been on my mind. – Doing the “right” thing is sometimes not the “easiest” thing. For example…

• The week before the marathon, you must taper a bit. Nerves are abundant and I certainly would rather be piling on major miles, trying to escape the nervous energy I am feeling.

• Some are supportive, others are not. It’s sometimes the most important people in your life that you want to share your passions with…but sometimes it is best to just not go there. Know who you can share with and refrain from sharing with those that don’t understand.

• Listen to your body! Not always the easiest thing. If you are feeling run down and under the weather, it’s best to take a step back and regroup. A day of training lost in the beginning might prevent a week lost in the future.

• While it might be painful to come forward and stop those that are dangerous in society, it is important to come forward and prevent further pain to others.

• While being competitive is great, it is important to pursue your passions for the right reasons.

• Keeping life and it’s journeys in perspective (I have a hard time with this one ;-)) I had a close friend tell me today, I had already won the race! I was utterly confused at first. I just did not understand, the race is on Sunday. Then was told, that what I have accomplished since Jan 21., is far tougher than what I will have to conquer moving forward this weekend. The marathon on Sunday is icing on the cake and the award for winning the race that started Jan. 21. I really had to think about that… but after contemplating that viewpoint I think I understand. The last 8 months have been a journey that words might not be able to cover. It is the strength, perseverance, determination, and amazing support from others. I am fortunate and grateful for the path I have been lead to, now it is time to take that award and run with it (all 26.2 miles on Sunday). With strength, courage, and support from others… each segment of the race will be run for individuals that have made this possible. – Sarah, Dr. Porter, Mike R., Darren W, Dr. Lesko, Grandpa Don, Coach Beardsley, God!

The right thing to do is not the easiest thing to do. BUT doing the right thing will make you a stronger person knowing you had the strength to do what was right. We are much stronger than we think we are, our bodies can take more than we think they can, and we can overcome more than we think is possible. It’s just not always easy but is always achievable.

PAD = passions + abilities = destiny ;-))


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