Race Report and Change of Plans

First, I want to thank all my amazing friends, coaches, Dr.’s, and most of all God. You were all out there on race day in thought with me and couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks!!!

Race Report:

Quad Cities went great. Original plan was to run 3:25 best case scenario. I talked to Coach Beardsley the day before and if the weather was not great or I was not feeling good it was fine to drop out or take it super easy as a long run. We knew that there was always Des Moines 3 weeks later. Race AM weather was damp and foggy but by start time 7:30 AM, weather was near perfect. I started the first few miles and tried not to look at the watch but stay super comfortable. At 5 miles I was at 37:25 (7:31/mi)… At 10 miles I was at 1:12:34 (7:15/mi) … At 13 miles I was at 1:35 (7:17) … At 20 miles I was at 2:27 (7:22/mi) … At 24 miles I was at 2:59 (7:28/mi) and finished in 3:16:34  (7:31/mi). When I got to the half way point in 1:35 (a 3:10 marathon pace) I knew I was feeling good and was planning on continuing to run as strong as I could. It was a great race and I felt really good until about 22, then had to dig pretty deep. That’s just part of the marathon, it can be quite humbling. I took my trusty GU every 5 miles and a few sips of water with each energy gel. Turns out I need to work on getting a bit more hydration in during the race, a good lesson to learn now and not later. I ended up 9th overall female, 4th in my AG, and qualified for Boston with 24 minutes to spare. A great experience.

A change in plans:

I am dropping down to the Half Marathon in Des Moines in 3 weeks. Looking forward to stopping and seeing my Grandma on the way out there. She is such a special person, friend, and role model. BUT I am really bummed to drop back, as I think I have a slightly faster time in me this year but it is not worth the risk according to my coach, Dick Beardsley. The longer term goals are a sub 3 hour next Spring/Summer and then an even faster time next Fall. That also means that Boston in April is out. But my time from this past weekend qualifies me for Boston in 2011 & 2012. So possibly Boston in 2012. Yeah, I am a little frustrated but have to do what is right for my training, body, and long term goals. This will allow better training time through this Fall without having to take time to taper and recover… training is what is important for now. I am so grateful to have the BEST coaches; Dick Beardsley (running) and Mike Ribar (performance enhancement and rehab.) working with me and guiding me towards success. Distance running and training is all about having a great team working together. My coaches and medical team are absolutely amazing.

So as I set out for a few miles today I couldn’t help but start sining in my head.. “back on the road again….” Legs felt pretty decent today and I feel I am recovering well from the weekend. I need to stay focussed on all the little things like strength, core, nutrition, recovery, ice baths, stretching, and getting enough sleep. Oh, and running 😉 . I am very happy with the result (we always want a bit more) but to think I just started running 4 months ago after spine surgery I am really grateful.

GOOD LUCK to all my friends and athletes that are running Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon this weekend. I will be out there all over the course cheering you all on!!!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Race Report and Change of Plans

  1. This is amazing. I am an active 40 yr old facing a spinal fusion for a broken back. To read your blog is very inspirational. I hope you back is doing good. Bill

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