Froedtert Sports Medicine – Runner’s Clinic

Froedtert Sports Medicine offers runner’s of ALL abilities opportunities not found elsewhere. This program provides high-quality services to the full spectrum of runner’s from those just starting to those competing at an elite level.

What you receive:

• Gait analysis and general assessment will lead to a plan designed with appropriate strength and flexibility to build on your strengths and eliminate underlying weaknesses

• Running specific drills to make you more efficient and build strength and speed

• Access to physical therapists, the ability to work with a Registered Dietician, VO2max and LT testing, guidance in building your training plan (additional fees on various services)

For more information contact Carrie Truebenbach (414) 805-8602

I have taken advantage of these offerings at Froedtert Sports Medicine and will say that it has made a 100% difference in my performance and motivation to continue training “smart”. After having a major spine surgery in Jan. of this year, without Froedtert Sports Medicine I would be no where near where I am today, running a 3:16 marathon on 4 months of running and training at Froedtert. I have been guided, motivated, educated, and fully supported in my training and rehab. and will continue to train at Froedtert several times a week as I try to qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials. The services they offer are first class, the staff of Dr.’s, PT’s, and ATC’s are most knowledgeable and truly care about each individual, and the facility offers the best in performance enhancement and rehabilitation. I can think of no other place I would rather train to reach my goals!


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