Miles, Des Moines, and Lessons

Well it has been a tough week but I hold amazing memories, lessons learned about what a Personal Trainer really is, and attributes taught to me including determination, attitude, and perseverance.

Running is going well, at least I continue to repeat the right, left, right, left pattern. I am excited about heading to Des Moines on Friday for the Des Moines Half Marathon. I will stop on my way out there and spend some time with my Grandma, someone that has taught me that life is about living each day fulfilling what God has given us. I will then head to Des Moines Sat. AM, race on Sun. AM, and head home so I am back and ready to ready my Monday 5:15AM Spin Class at Real Fitness. I have hopes to run a strong race using it as a hard training run and hope to run in the range of 1:33. I am not really tapering for this race so it will be used as training. I will dedicate my race to Jeff. A friend that introduced me to endurance training 14 years ago. His strength will no doubt power my tired legs and his compassion will keep my heart striving for greatness.

I am excited to (if all goes well as the week ends) hit 70 miles this week, and that is with taking tomorrow completely off. This will be the highest mileage I am run and I am so grateful that it is possible and continues to be enjoyable (well, for the most part) ;-). Won’t forget Jeff telling me to “Rock On” and that is what I have repeated to myself all week.

Also fitting that I am now once again teaching spin classes. Monday mornings at 5:15 AM and Tuesday evenings at 6:45 PM at Real Fitness in Cedarburg (yes, that would be Jeff’s old club). Wow, so weird and amazing that things come full circle. I have not taught a spinning class since I worked for Jeff, many years ago. Maybe it’s God’s way to honor the friend that introduced me to spinning and cycling. None the less REALLY special.

As I move forward with training, working, inspiring and educating others through personal training & coaching… I am also starting a manuscript for a book and hope to start some motivational speaking. Never a dull moment and I am convinced that sometimes having more on your plate keeps you reaching harder and higher for your dreams.

I head to Chicago tomorrow for Club Industry, one of the largest trade shows and educational summits, in the US. I am really looking forward to a day to absorb what is new in the industry and will be thinking of the one person that introduced me to this wonderful and fulfilling profession close to 14 years ago.

Have a wonderful day and make sure to remain determined to fulfill your every dream!


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