Healthy for the Holidays

Staying With It Over The Holidays

Staying on the right path with your fitness and nutrition over the holidays can be a chore and quite the journey. Rich and fat laden meals and sweets, alcohol, typical holiday stress, and heavy traveling can all conspire together to wreak havoc on your overall health and commitment to fitness.With careful planning and preparation the holidays won’t totally knock you off track or produce the customary holiday weight gain. Here are a few tips to help you stay committed to your health and fitness plan over the next few busy months.
Preparation is key.  Plan out your goals and do the research. Will you be out of town? Check out the area fitness clubs, yoga studios, and community events For example, many cities and towns hold “Turkey Trots” the morning of Thanksgiving, and such events offer an excellent opportunity to burn off some calories before a day of constant eating.

Plan ahead
“Periodize” your training in advance of your trip to account for the prospect that you might have limited time to train while away. It’s important that we have build weeks and recovery weeks. If you know that training will be limited when you are away, plan that into your program. But DON’T become a cookie eating couch potato either. Use down town to go on walks, do yoga, and explore active endeavors that you don’t have time for when in more focused training periods.

Consistency is essential in maintenance of established fitness levels. Schedule your workouts in the morning to avoid any distractions the day might bring. Put your workouts into your calendar as if a meeting. If you don’t have your health, you are not going to be very efficient or effective in your other daily tasks. Also remember that anything is better than nothing. So even if you only have 15-20 minutes.. go for a short run, hop on the elliptical or bike. Just MOVE you body.

Training buddies
Misery loves company. Not that anything should be miserable. I will tell you though that early dark cold AM runs in the wind and snow are much more enjoyable when NOT done alone. Try to recruit friends to meet you for a workout. That way you can inspire and motivate each other.

Accountability – Be accountable for your actions. No one is force feeding cookies to you or causing you to miss your workouts. Use a free app or web site like my fitness pal to keep track of your exercise and food consumption. This app has an insanely huge database of foods, super easy to use, and displays the reality of the situation.. whether you want to see it or not. Close your eyes to reality and you won’t be to happy come swim suit or racing session. Have any tips on how you can stay on course over the holidays? Please comment and share! Let’s make this holiday session full of healthy “real” foods and fun active endeavors! Time to get out of your comfort zone, I think!!!


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