HUGE lesson learned!

It has taken me a couple weeks to write this blog. Frequent talks with a close friend and mentor in my congregation have helped me realize that it’s ok to put a limit to one’s “to do” list. We are all our own worst enemy at times. One obligation leads to another, one dedication leads to another, and the process of multiplication occurs…leading to “a bit to much on the plate”. We seek control and sometimes have to acknowledge that there will be times when we don’t have control of the things that are beyond our control. That is when we must call upon our Faith.

This past year I let things get a bit uncontrollable. Some things were in my control and some things were not in my control but either way, things got a bit multiplied.

I am insanely grateful and excited about the recovery I have made from spine surgery in Jan. It was a pretty big surgery and thanks to family, friends, my amazing surgeon, Dr.’s, and coaches I could have NEVER accomplished what I have this year. This year has been all about courage. Courage to persevere and courage to stand up for myself. Attitude also played a huge role. Without remaining positive and believing in my goals, there is no way I could have fought through the hard moments and trying times. There have been days where I have wondered if I have what it takes, those are the days that make the accomplished goals so meaningful and at times emotional. My “can’t crack” and “super competitive” attributes have helped produce results but the tears of accomplishment and success often secretly fell upon my cheeks after hitting milestones. This gets back to my original thought.. WE ARE ALL HUMAN!

About 6 weeks ago I started coughing. No big deal… weather was changing, I was training and working hard, maybe allergies and my asthma kicking up??? Just went along with the flow. Ran a marathon .. then a trip to Iowa to see Grandma and run the Des Moines Half, then a few shorter races. Woke up one night with chest pain. Hmm I thought, kinda scary.. maybe just chest congestion or stress. Next day decided to call the Dr. … next thing I know I am filling 2 antibiotic z-packs, prednisone, albuterol, and another inhaler. I had both a severe sinus and respiratory infection that had gotten completely out of control. I had been defeated. Mother Nature is undefeated once again. We are all human.

Sometimes in life we try so hard to live up to the expectations of others. It becomes a race of who is working hardest, who makes the most money, who has the most “stuff”. We live in a competitive world and I am what I have been labeled a “people pleaser”. Pleasing people is a wonderful thing. BUT you must chose the people you want to please. You can’t please everyone without getting knocked down a notch or SEVERAL notches.

Having faith that I am a child of God and protected by his love has truly kept me running in the clouds and not falling into the ravine. Life can be a daunting journey. A journey similar to a long training run. There are extreme highs and times of pain and discomfort. It is about taking one light pole at a time. Breaking the run into manageable segments. Not taking on more, mentally or physically, than what we can handle. Having the courage to set your limit. It is all about staying within yourself. Faith is believing in a Higher Power that will unconditionally protect and love you for who you are.

The main point is that each of us must find what we are passionate about, a way we can “pay back” to what has been given to us. Sometimes the gifts we are given are different that what we have been “called” to do. I will continue using my gift of running to inspire and motivate those to overcome their obstacles. What I do and what I have been called to do are different but one in the same as well.

Priorities are different for all of us. I ask that each of you tries to understand both your priorities and goals & the priorities and goals of those around you. They might be quite different but each has their own meaning and reason.

Now go out, live life to it’s fullest..believe…have faith…and display passion and commitment.


One thought on “HUGE lesson learned!

  1. Hi, just saw your tweet about the neti pot. First, let me say they are great. BUT, there is a product (that I have no affiliation with, it just made nasal rinsing for me A TON easier, so I love passing on the info) that is MUCH easier to use. So if you decide to stick with the netti pot, you may want to try it! It’s the Sinus Rinse by Neil Med. It’s a bottle with a large hole & “straw” thing inside. Works great! — same principal, flows from one side to the other just like the neti pot, you hang your head over the sink, but no tilting – you get good flow with much less down the throat.

    Anyway, good luck! (And by the way? Gluten free cinnamon bread? Sounds delicious!)

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