Figured I would keep a few of you posted. After a very exciting racing season thanks to (God, friends, coaches, sponsors, medical staff, race directors, and more) I am both humbled and grateful. Athletes have addictions, just like those with unhealthy addictions. Ours are healthy.. we strive for higher thresholds, personal bests, spending more time in the outdoors with Mother Nature. When life hands us obstacles, we retreat to our outlets. Recently, an outlet was taken temporarily from me. It is at this point, I search for other outlets… (reading motivational / faith based reading, writing, working on my EXCITING non-profit, and most of all praying which will begin to include some relaxation yoga practice). The outlet I have the hardest time with is “speaking”. Sometimes spoken word brings back remembrance. I have found those I can speak to and am fortunate about their endless listening. But more than anything these times are about Faith. Faith that we are loved, held up when to weak to stand, filled when emptiness overcomes, and given courage of a lion when we are scared.







The next 3 months might possibly be the toughest journey to date as obstacles have piled on top of each other. But I know that 3 months from now I will be a much stronger individual…. mentally, physically, spiritually. We are called to this Earth to do much more than use our gifts. We have gifts and we have callings. Sometimes similar but frequently different. It is at this time, I will take a risk, step out of my comfort zone, and walk into the advice of the Lord; knowing that following his voice will be all the protection I need.

I am excited for the future… my Olympic dreams, my further educations and career passions, and most of all living with my Lord as my leader. Follow your dreams my friends but listen intently to the Man upstairs… He is in charge and will lead you to greatness.

Hugs and best wishes



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