Better with Age

(content taken from Women’s Health Magazine)

To understand the impact of muscle, look at the women who are crossing the finish linein first place these days. Of the 40 elite female athletes who competed in the 2008 NYC Marathon, nearly 3/4 of them were over 35 years old. Women, are finding their stride in their 30’s. Look at Dara Torres ..3 Olympic medals in her 40’s.

It all comes down to efficiency, says Wayne Westcott, Ph.D. “Mature athletes have an enormous fitness base and perfectly ingrained movement patterns, so they are extremely efficient. Being able to go very hard and very fast while not wasting an ounce of energy gives them the advantage over competitors who are younger and less experienced.

(picture Colleen De Reuck … in my opinion, best Master’s distance runner of all time)

That is also why it’s not unusual for average women who were not star athletes back in HS to start winning medals when they hit their 30’s. Years of steady training accumulate and result in “an edge” on the competition.

Dream big or go home and practice. Never ever give up though!


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