God Speaks …in many ways!

Something happened during the night. Something I can’t explain and really don’t comprehend. I fell asleep thinking about my late Grandpa Don (who passed away many years ago), thinking of my dear Grandma who continues to fight Alzheimer’s disease and praying to God for strength and courage. Then I fell fast asleep.

At 2 AM I heard a voice. It was the voice of my Grandpa Don. I opened my eyes and saw his shadow in the bedroom doorway. I sat up and was both excited and scared as I just wasn’t sure why he was here. As I went to stand up he disappeared but his voice remained. This is what he told me as I sat up in bed.

“Have Faith kid, you must follow your dreams…don’t let anyone tell you that you are not capable of anything you put your mind to. But have Faith in the Lord as he will protect you from the pain. Don’t feel alone, you won’t change others but use that energy to accomplish great things.”

I ask him if I should (he knew what) and he said “yes”, you will pay back to others with your inspiration and passion. I had so many questions… he said “I have only a few more minutes” I just asked for a hug and cried that I missed him. At that time he said “I am always with you, never leaving your side” and at that moment I felt instantly warm inside as if I was covered back up. Then he said to me “you are special, have powers others don’t when faced with adversity, I’m proud of you kid”. Then he was gone.

I cried a bit. Mostly because I miss him and know that Grandma is slowly slipping and someday will be with him. I so miss the days sitting on Grandpa’s lap on the combine tractor plowing through the farm fields, sneaking Grandma’s goodies during the night together, making pancakes together in the morning, Grandpa being the first to teach me to drive, and just sitting in the farm house family room… Grandpa and Grandma’s place out on the farm was a place that holds some amazing special memories.

I won’t pretend to understand what happened last night but it gave me hope. It showed me strength, and it gave me courage to take one day at a time and continue to move forward with my dreams and life journey. Thanks for the visit Grandpa and thanks to God for the unconditional love and protection.


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