Gratitude & keeping life in perspective

With Thanksgiving days away and the holidays upon us I thought it would be good to blog a bit on gratitude and keeping life in perspective. I had a few pep talks yesterday from my coaches that really got me thinking. I have been a bit frustrated with having to take some time off of training for the time being. Whether forced time off or a “smart” break after a pretty intense racing and training season.. it’s still time off and probably needed to be done either way. Training is about periodization and one shouldn’t train hard year round. Ugh… but I STILL hate taking this break and time of no running.

Back to gratitude. I am so grateful for what I DO have. I first of all have God in my life. He is always with me, full of divine guidance and direction. I have been thinking and praying about my future and God continues to direct me with his wisdom. HUGE plans to be announced soon. 😉

I am also so grateful for my health. I have had a few scares in my life and have been able to overcome them with courage, faith, perseverance, and AMAZING care and skill from a great medical team, family, and friends. I am feeling good and so grateful for the ability to work in a profession where I can help others with their fitness and wellness.

I am grateful for extended family. We can’t always be in close proximity to our immediate family, and my extended family here is simply AWESOME. I am continually in disbelief of the care and support I receive from so many. You all inspire and motivate me to keep pushing forward in the most wonderful times and in the toughest of times. Thank you!

Was told a few weeks ago by someone I totally look up to. “You are my poster child”… I laughed and thought to myself..Me? Ok, this came from someone that couldn’t be a better role model, someone that spends his life helping others live, making their lives better, and down right saving lives of those dealt bad cards. I am so grateful for this person. HE is who has given me a 2nd chance in life. No words in the world to thank this person and he will always hold a special place in my heart. Divine intervention, YES. The ability to have found this person through others that have helped me, YES… Some people are put on this planet at the times and places and I truly believe God makes things happen at the time and place we need them to appear.

Leads me into keeping life in perspective…. We are given gifts, we are provided callings, and we have talents .. Not one of these are materialistic. What are mine, don’t exactly know… BUT these are what I want them to be and hope that I am following in God’s direction and with his guidance.

Gift’s… perseverance, faith, determination, compassion, optimism, courage

Callings… inspiring others, helping those through obstacles, motivating individuals to dream and succeed

Talents… running, writing, motivational speaking, coaching, turning dreams in reality

Perspective: The past 2 weeks have been dark and twisted… I won’t lie. We ALL go through some tough times. BUT life must be kept in perspective. 10 months ago I had spine surgery to stabilize my spine… 10 months later I have run a marathon, half marathon, and 6 other races with success. 5 weeks ago I sat with Grandma, eating ice cream and laughing about childhood memories on the farm. Today her Alzheimer’s disease has progressed to a point where she needs constant care. In high school my best friend lost her mother to a terminal disease and today that very best friend is the most optimistic and positive person I know. Recently a close friend and mentor was taken from us and is now looking upon us, this very person was the one that taught all of us that “the wind is your friend” and to “never EVER give up”. He now guides all of us on our journey’s as we reach for higher levels and climb bigger hills. His wife, so full of courage and strength to continue his legacy. . We must keep life in perspective. We must be grateful that we all have so much to be thankful for.  Time to make a list … post it, write it in a journal, and frequently look it over. I know it will bring a smile to your face and brighten your day!

Have a wonderful holiday week!!!! Hugs



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