Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance and Side Effects

It is that time of year and colds and flu are spreading like wildfire. Is it necessary to go to the Dr.? Probably not and you have to be careful. Many years ago infections were treated with more ease. Why? Well, the latest antibiotic usually cleared it up and as a whole we were not sick as much as we are today. Taking to many antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistance. Meaning that when in true need, your body won’t be able to fight off a bacterial infection. The majority of illnesses are actually viral, where an antibiotic is completely useless. So before you make that appointment with the Dr. check out some natural cures… some of my tried and true include:

• steam showers

• neti pot to clear sinuses

• hot lemon herbal tea with honey

• spicy soups with ginger, garlic, and cayenne pepper

• warm moist towels with eucalyptus and lavender oil wrapped around neck and shoulders

Now… when you have a bacterial infection unfortunately antibiotics are crucial. Because of a weakened immune system due to a pancreatic condition I have gotten hit hard in the last 2 months. Started with bacterial walking pneumonia which I had to take 20 days of antibiotics. That infection lead into a sinus infection  confirmed on Friday with blood tests and sinus x-rays. Once again on 10 days of antibiotics, this time a different one.

Why do I HATE antibiotics? Because they really mess up my stomach….
The harmful effects of antibiotics are the killing off of all the normal bacteria, resulting in the proliferation of yeast.  There are hundreds of articles in the scientific and medical literature indicating yeast over-growth is associated with antibiotic use…First, when the normal bacteria in the intestine are killed off, the yeast have no competition so they are able to get the lion’s hare of all the food that passes through the intestinal tract after a meal. Secondly, the yeast may actually be stimulated by many of the antibiotics.

What can you do…

TAKE WITH FOOD -Unless you’re specifically instructed to take your drug on an empty stomach, try taking it with food to see if that alleviates the upset.

USE ACIDOPHILUS -Acidiophilus can help restore the “good” bacteria in your intestinal system. Acidiophilus is found in yogurt or can be taken as a supplement.

SO… make sure you do indeed have a bacterial infection if you plan to take antibiotics. If it’s a virus, stay home…and REST. Drink plenty of water and herbal tea and let mother nature run her race.

What can you do to stay healthy?

• Get plenty of rest

• Stay hydrated with water and herbal tea

• Limit foods that cause inflammation… sugar, processed foods, and caffeine

• Use hand sanitizer

• Try to limit stress… (maybe that’s where I got sick) ;-0


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