Shutdown. Now What?

Throughout my life I have had a few injuries and truly understand what it feels like to be told, “no running” and sometimes “no training”. I help athletes with their training, help them rehab after a set-back and most important I help them with the emotions felt when they simply can’t participate in their given sport or activity. This I feel might be my largest asset to the athlete.

But what happens when injuries totally shut me down, “I mean, NO training at all”. That is no doubt hard to swallow. When one’s lifestyle revolves around fitness, wellness, and athletic involvement and suddenly changes…it can feel like a hole in your stomach with no bottom. BUT don’t freak and use some tools that have helped me overcome the largest hurdles:

Faith: You have to have faith that you will be protected, loved, and watched over. You must realize that you are powerless over certain situations. (Trust me, right now I am having to realize that.) I have found praying to be helpful and calming. Without the faith that you will recover and again excel, you are operating with less than half of your strength.

Journal: Sometimes you need to get it out, off your chest, out of your head. This is where a journal comes in handy. Something I have learned from the Pastor at my church is that it is ok to be mad, angry, and have hate towards a situation. Years went by where I convinced myself it was wrong to hate a situation or have anger towards an individual. I felt I was a bad person to feel that way and I should try to like everyone. A journal is a safe place where you can speak your mind.

Schedule and stay busy: Another tool helpful is to set a schedule. When you can’t run/train 3-4 hours, your days and weeks seem empty and you sometimes feel lost. That is why it is important to fill your days. Currently I am writing a book, reading, building training plans for my site, and looking into graduate schools. While not one of these come close to the enjoyment of running, they are all helping to fill the days.

Positive Attitude: Negative thoughts simply slow healing down. One must stay positive. Yes, it is VERY hard at times. But there is just no reason to be negative, complain, and bring others down around you.

Courage: “Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid.” Franklin P Jones… Sometimes you must be the one that keeps the courage. Others might express worry, concern, and downright terror BUT by remaining brave and courageous you can keep yours and others such as family, stress levels down and healing won’t be negatively affected by excess stress and worry.

Patience: Simply put, “you can’t defeat Mother Nature”. You will heal when you heal. I might be the most impatient person on the planet but each year I am learning valuable lessons. Major obstacles I have overcome have taught me that patience is a virtue that is critical to success.

Grateful: What do you have? Be grateful!!!! What gifts do you have (not talking material)… family, friends, health, faith, passion, perseverance, etc. Write down what you are grateful for and when you start feeling overwhelmed and empty, take a look at that list! It will brighten the darkest and coldest of days.

Don’t lose faith that it will be ok. It takes patience, attitude, and courage!

Now it’s my turn to follow my own words of wisdom. Back surgery (originally schedule for Dec 21) is being moved up to next week Thursday. I have had a set-back. A week ago the pain got intolerable and the left foot began to become numb. As the week has progressed the pain remains sharp, foot remains numb, and pain shoots from back down left leg. Scary, yes. BUT I am a fighter and will go into this surgery with renewed commitment to do my best to make another comeback, relaxed confidence in God’s protection and my amazing Neurosurgeon, Dr. Randall Porter, and NO FEAR… ok, the last one might be a stretch 😉

I am grateful for wonderful family, friends, sponsors, and medical support and guidance as I take the next step on my journey called Life. Thanks guys!

Have a great day!!!!


3 thoughts on “Shutdown. Now What?

  1. Cristin, you are a true inspiration. It’s an asset to your clients that you know what it’s like to go through a down period in running and dealing with recovery. Your attitude shines through all your trials and tribulations… you are one to watch. Thanks for sharing your story, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  2. Wade here, thanks for posting this blog. My sister Anne posted just before me. I don’t consider myself an athlete, but at 46 I’ve been steering toward that finally. My first marathon is scheduled for 11 months from now, but the aftermath of a bicycle v car wreck 7 weeks ago keeps getting worse. I joke that walking in a pool is training for the PDX marathon. I’m trying to keep on going, and reading your blog gets me up for today. Thanks, Wade
    Oh, and yeah, isn’t it weird to just have your leg and foot go numb?

  3. Thanks Anne… so grateful for friends support.

    Wade: Hang in there, NEVER lose faith that you will get through it. That is where my obstacles started bicycle vs. car accident, Oct. I lost a close friend to a cycling accident. We have to remember the gifts we have been given and the strength we are granted to persevere. My accident has changed me and given me the gift of emotional strength, perseverance, and determination. Keep up the great work. It will make that marathon goal so much sweeter. Never lose faith.

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