Cold, Snow, Now What?

This evening while going through emails I had 3 of the same question. “It’s freezing and snowy, how on earth do I train?”. Well, me being a bit mental and an extremist would say, “put more clothes on, add some screws to your shoes, and get out there”. I figured I better tone that down a bit. But seriously, how do you train when Mother Nature dumps her white blanket over your precious terrain. Well…. let’s go head to toes…

1. Put a hat on. My favorites are the Brooks Infiniti Beanie, and Craft Winter Hat

2. Base Layer… keep the warmth inside. I usually will wear a long sleeve top such as Under Armour or Nike. As long as it is tight and a technical material you are good to go. NO cotton. Hello…cotton only holds onto sweat making you cold and damp, which leads to cranky!

3. Half zip. When the temps are under 20 degrees I add a 1/2 zip pullover or a hoody (again, NON-Cotton). Here are my favorites. Craft PR Thermal or the Under Armour Full Zip Hoody (when it’s really cold) or Thermopolis LT Hoody.

4. Jacket time (look for wind and water resistant unless you plan on jumping in a pile of snow, then go for waterproof). But waterproof jackets are sealed so they won’t breath as well. Here are the one’s I recommend. Craft PR Weather Jacket , Nike Distance PR Jacket Pearl Izumi Fly Softshell Jacket and Asics Spry Jacket

5. Gloves or Mittens. Personally I prefer mittens as my hands are always cold. Gloves should be of a wicking (non-cotton) material. Your hands sweat too and cold hands mean numb fingers. Here are my favorite gloves Asics Wind Cover Glove and my favorite mittens are Asics Ecoline Fleece Mitten

6. Tights or track pants. Either do the trick. Some just can’t stand being in tights. I personally can’t stand running in relaxed fit pants…I feel as if I should be sipping a latte by the fire. So tights for me… here are some stellar options: Asics Inner Muscle Tights and Under Armour Coldgear Fitted Tight OR you say you want a more relaxed tight? That’s cool. Check out these: Under Armour Women’s Coldgear Fitten Pant orMen\’s Under Armour Fleece Performance Pant … you boys that want tights, check out these Under Armour Action Tight

7. Warm socks… I recommend the one and only sock for winter. SMARTWOOL. Even in winter I prefer not to see my socks so I go with the no show, yes I sometimes get cold ankle but I have this pet peeve of seeing socks, it’s all about the Smartwool adrenaline micro for me. However most of you are a bit more logical and want your ankles covered so check these out: PhD Trail Running Mini . Any wicking material sock will do. In case you haven’t heard…NO COTTON.

Now we must deal with shoes… and preferably ones that keep us upright on the icy roads. We have come a long way since the days of taking hardware screws and screwing them into the soles of our running shoes. Yes I admit, that was a way of Midwestern life as a runner during childhood. I remember the feel of each step, feeling each screw. With modern technology comes more options. I start with a light weight trail running shoe and add a few accessories. Some shoes to look at that I am impressed with are:

Newton Motus AW (my shoe of use and choice)

New Balance WT100 (so comfortable, ample cushioning, and flexible)… one I plan to try this Winter

Asics 2050 Trail

INOV8 Roclite (a shoe I have tried and liked especially for winter trail running)

THEN… add these Kahtoola Micro Spikes or Yaktrax Pro

So there you have it. Put more clothes on, arm yourself with appropriate footwear, and stop complaining 😉 I guarantee you that after your run you will feel great! When you come in, I usually will make a hot cup of green tea and a big bowl of oatmeal. Nothing better!

Ok. We are all human I do have a cut off temp.. When the mercury drops below 5 degrees Fahrenheit I stay inside. I know, I am a wimp but at that point my fingers just get to cold. So out you go in the cold, no slacking, enjoy the crisp fresh air and I’ll see you at Starbucks in line when we are done with our run!

Happy Running


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