Perfect Timing

I have come to love Sunday mornings. Something about peace, serenity, and being with my Higher Power. This AM I got an email from one of my favorite friends. He is someone I look up to, an ultra runner, coach, professor at Concordia (Alma Mater), a running partner, and someone that has helped me get through the toughest of times.

He was just checking on me, reminded me that I am special and have overcome so much, and reminded me that running is my spiritual pathway and can be my spiritual journey. He reminded me that he was there for me…supporting, guiding, for motivation, and to share with me times of happiness and be there in times of frustration. His email simply made my day. This person, Russ Delap, has been the one that has taught me that running is not about the wins and loses, about the recognition, or about the money. Running is about finding one’s path, more about self discovery.

The barriers that hold you back from living your vision dissolve when your courage exceeds your dreams

Funny how message come at the perfect timing. I came out for coffee this AM, turned on Joel Osteen, as he was talking about “your time is upon you”. Interesting thing to think about. He talked about being your best every day, not holding back, no regrets. A way my late Grandpa lived and breathed.

We are each our own individual. We might thrive in the corporate world, medical environment, training horses, or with a pair of running shoes. We all have gifts and callings. I challenge each of you to support your family and friends in their gifts and callings. Try to realize we are all unique in our make-ups. If we all loved medicine we would have a world filled with Dr.’s and no one else. Try to support your friends and family in their dreams, visions, and passions. Happiness creates health which equals wellness.

I sit here with excitement as 2011 nears. I have overcome some huge hurdles throughout 2010. Some times of fear, uncertainty, but also times of achievement and happiness. I am so excited to ring in the New Year. 2011 will be filled with running with a whole new outlook. An outlook that I know will guarantee success in more than one way. I am grateful, feel blessed, and ready to make great things happen!

Have a great day!


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