A Little Update – 13 days

First I want to thank EVERYONE that sent prayers and healing thoughts. The words, emails, and phone calls were unbelievably awesome. It is now 13 days post-op from back surgery. I am feeling really good. The first 5 days post surgery were REALLY tough, not so much because of pain but the effects of narcotics and anesthesia. Cristin proved she would be a bad drug addict. Let’s just say, I brought up far more than I was able to keep down. Not pretty.

I am now barely taking Advil for minor soreness and have started stretching, some core work, and PT here in AZ. I will be getting PT,  5 sessions over the next 2 weeks before I head back to WI. 14 days and back home !!!!!!!!! I am super grateful for Mike Basten and Dave (PT) here in AZ and their assistance in getting me back training at Foothills Sports Medicine and Rehab. . Yesterday was the first day, Dave did some soft tissue and assisted stretching and then it was all about core and strength. Yippeee, it was AMAZING to start back up and I have a long way back in building lost strength and muscle.

I have learned yet another lesson with this 2nd back surgery. I DON’T STRETCH ENOUGH. That is going to be my # 1 Resolution. STRETCH. Stretch after runs, while watching TV, during yoga, standing in the line at Trader Joes, while drinking my chai, and before climbing out of bed each AM. Yes, stretching will be crucial to continued success. So stretching is what I will do. My new best friend that will travel with me everywhere will be my Lulu stretch rope.

So here is what I’m up to today (at home) PT again tomorrow with much more on tap.. Some great exercises for anyone.Try these!


Single leg squats with free leg reaching back and behind you (curtsy squat)

Speed Skaters

Single leg balance with glute activation and hip lift

Side Planks…. AND STRETCH

I am excited to head back to WI in 14 days and then will start up some workouts on the bike, elliptical, and will strap on the snowshoes if necessary. Hoping to be back running by the end of Jan.. It will be SUPER important to continue working with Mike at Froedtert Sports Medicine Institute when I get back 3 times a week in order to build back lost strength and continue to improve on my strength to weight ratio. I am super duper excited for this upcoming 2011 year. Taking 1 year at a time. I see this year as a breakthrough year with running, strength, racing, and furthering my journey in this wonderful thing called LIFE!

Happy Holidays to ALL of you!


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