A Time of Change

I have started and stopped this blog more times than I can recall. 2010, what a year! It contained the good, the bad, the ugly, and most important…2010 made me a stronger person. Major scary spine surgery in Jan., the months of rehab., a frightening event that occurring at work in late summer, surreal success in training and racing, the AMAZING support from friends, coaches, and the best medical team including Dr. Porter my neurosurgeon, a serious pancreatic condition, the lose of a close friend and role model, more injury setbacks, and another spine surgery in Dec. . What a year and those are just some of the good, bad, and ugly. BUT what’s most important is the lesson I have learned this year.

“Happiness lies in loving everything you do and living each day like it might be taken from you tomorrow” I have been taught by the grace of God that I have more endurance and perseverance than I thought. I can get up many more times than I fall down, and the strength of those supporting me is my greatest gift.

2011 is a year I am super stoked to begin. Yes, 2011 will be a year in which I strive for happiness is everything I do. I will have the courage to attempt what I fear, I will take the time to experience what makes me feel complete, and I will stand up for my beliefs.

A couple EXCITING changes and additions to 2011.

Running for a deeper meaning. The ultimate goal remains the Olympic Trials Marathon time. A goal I am beyond passionate about and know I can achieve with dedication and the right attitude. BUT also running for a more spiritual reason (something that will no doubt help me achieve all of my running goals and enjoyment in each mile covered). I will also experiment with the Ultra’s. Something that really will be easier on the body being on softer terrain. Distances too that I am excited to explore and think will provide a whole new atmosphere to enjoy and cherish.

Graduate School – I plan to start Grad. School this year. I will pursue a Graduate Degree in Psychology. A topic that has interested me since I was in college and especially following the life changing cycling accident I was involved in. I believe my greatest gift is helping others come back from the obstacles they are faced with the right tools and right attitude. Therefore I have decided to journey into this field at a much deeper level. I am excited and nervous but will turn those feelings into positive energy helping me become successful in this endeavor.

Career – I will continue to be a Consultant, more than just a coach and personal trainer, I want to really help others look at ALL areas of their lives. I have learned what has helped me achieve what I set my mind to and it goes FAR BEYOND working out and eating healthy. It is a state of mind. A state of mind that has many components. These components are not always understood by others but they are crucial to achievement of established goals. I will be a Consultant that has the added knowledge of being a Certified Personal Trainer and Running Coach. My best certification is not one that I can put under my name but lays in the years of experience and obstacles I have faced. What I will teach is a state of mind.

Representing my AMAZING sponsors. Froedtert Sports Medicine Institute (the superior source for Performance Enhancement and rehab. from injury, their support/guidance/motivation is what fuels my training). Mike and the team there are 2nd to NONE! First class all the way!!!I am so excited to get home and back to working with Mike 3 x a week. Mike makes some of the hardest workouts fun!!!

Brooks Running I will be running head to toe in Brooks apparel and shoes. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be an ambassador and sponsored athlete by such a quality company with amazing product and athlete support.

Hammer Nutrition As I embark on the distance and endurance events this year I will be fueled by ALL Hammer Nutrition products. I have used their Hammer Gel, Recoverite, Endurolytes, iFlora, Tissue Rejuvenator, Hammer Bars, and Super Antioxidant. Now I will start using the Perpetuem along with the other products I have used for years. No doubt I will have the greatest fuel sources available. Check out their site for more info on all products.

Grafton Chiropractic Center – I simply can’t say enough great things about these guys (and gals). They have gone above and beyond in caring for me and it is the only Chiropractic Center I send my clients and friends to, knowing they will get the BEST in care and support. Dr. Werner, who primarily works with me has not only provided the highest level of care but also has been so supportive in the setbacks. The experience of the chiropractors at Grafton is of the highest level and the ladies that work there are a pleasure to chat with upon arriving, also being so supportive. Whether it’s your neck, back, shoulders, etc.. you will be taken care of and feel better in no time after a stop at Grafton Chiropractic Center.

Horses – Yep, after a 8 year hiatus I will return. Certainly not at the level I once was at but I will return!!!! There is a simple and pure happiness I feel when horseback riding. Something special. It was “life” for 16 years, and holds a huge part of me. I want to thank my best friend Chrissy, for helping me realize that. We shared so many years riding together every day, going to shows, cold mornings in the barn, supporting each other through the good and bad. Wow, those days were crazy and so fun. Thanks Chrissy and can’t wait to get home and start riding!!!!!!

I also am embarking on writing a book, plan to explore yoga as a way to slow down and look from within, and will submerse myself in learning proper plant-based nutrition for better health and performance. I have fought a year of some serious pancreatic issues (my pancreas just doesn’t work we discovered). I am learning that has to do with inflammation and adrenal fatigue. Soooo…I will explore all avenues to repair what needs fixing and hopefully someday not have to take $300/month pancreatic enzymes. There has to be a more economical way. 😉

I hope each and every one of you has the most Happy New Year and remember to never give up on your dreams!


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