Short Update!

It’s been 26 days since back surgery and I am doing great. I had my last check-up with Dr. Porter out here in AZ yesterday and all looks to be improving and healing well. I am REALLY excited to get home in 2 days. Being away from home for 5 weeks is a bit to long. 😉 I have undergone 5 PT sessions out here and will start up at Froedtert as soon as I get home. A couple times a week with PT and a couple times a week doing Performance Enhancement training with Mike. I am really excited to get back at it. Looks like according to Dr. Porter will be back to normal running starting 6 week mark (Jan. 20). Can’t wait!

Also super excited to start riding horses again when I get home. A passion that was a HUGE part of my life for 16 years. Excited to get back at it.

Also doing a lot of soul searching right now. I am really excited to get back to training my clients and athletes at home, moving closer to starting Grad School, continuing to train at a high level at Froedtert Sports Medicine Institute, working on my non-profit (Ultimate Courage Overcoming Obstacles) supporting neuro research and treatment, and continuing to build Ultimate Stamina Coaching & Consulting








I am also embarking on a more plant based whole food nutrition approach in which will decrease inflammation in the body. No worries, I’m not going to give up sushi and salmon occasionally. Here is a daily staple (a salad) with greens, veggies, balsamic, seeds, fruit and nuts!

I am concentrating on more overall wellness with my coaching and consulting business as I know and have seen with personal experience that optimal performance is only achieved when the whole puzzle is put together. Rest, decreasing stress, whole clean fuel, aerobic capacity, muscular strength, flexibility, happiness, and energy. All of that can not be achieved in a gym, on the road, at the office, or in your home. It must be a combination of your lifestyle and most importantly it has to begin in your MIND. That is why I teach a “State of Mind” approach… the rest will follow.

I’m so grateful for all the individuals that touch my life and keep me smiling and pressing forward in my dreams. To many of you to list but you are all appreciated each day! Have a fantastic day and remember to never stop living your dreams!


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