A month ago….

Well, it’s Jan. 9th! Back surgery was Dec. 9th. So much has happened in a month!! I am back in WI and it’s COLD but good to be back. Got together and rode horses with Chrissy on Friday, had wine with Sheila and Rick Fri night, had a 2 hour super fun get together with Sarah yesterday over Starbucks coffee, and off to Newstone Farm later this AM to see Rebecca’s great white “pony”…(aka large gray jumper!) A whirl wind of great times.. This week lots to do including meeting with Brenda S. to see her studio, dinner with Jadi on Wed., play at the Renaissance with Sarah Thurs PM, and meeting with area bike shop on Fri. … plus 4 days of training at Froedtert, couple easy yoga classes, and training clients. Gotta love being busy!

Other big news is that if accepted I might be starting Grad. School as early as the beginning of March. So excited, kinda nervous, and see some hard work in my near future. But hey, I can take it!

The back is feeling great. Only soreness lays in my legs and butt from trying to build back huge amounts of lost strength, but that is the good sore that proves to me that the muscles are working. I had a great session with Mike Fri. AM, then a good 30 minutes on the woodway and an additional 30 on the elliptical. Took yesterday and going to take today off, gotta recover. Back at it Monday AM 7:30 at Froedtert. MORE HUGE NEWS

Froedtert will be getting an Anti-gravity Alter G treadmill. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I am so excited about this. Higher mileage will now be doable and so much easier on my body. I simply can’t even put into words how awesome this is! Froedtert Sports Med and the individuals involved in this, you RULE!!!! Thanks!!!

I am so looking forward to Jan. 20 (6 week mark) when I can be back running normally again. You really don’t realize how special something is until it is taken from you for a long period of time.

On a nutrition front I am feeling good. I am eating really clean… vegetables and fruit (carbs/antioxidants), eggs, sushi/salmon, and soy (protein), and quinoa, rice, sweet potatoes, etc (complex carbs), almonds, natural pb, olive oil, avocado, and flax (mono unsaturated fats)… No dairy or gluten and limiting refined sugars. Nothing crazy just good fuel as I get back to training.

Also looking forward to the Missy Ransehousen clinic at Willow Run stable later this month. Will be great to go and listen to someone so talented. Also Jane Bartle Wilson is coming again, and looking forward to seeing and watching her teach as well. So great to be back in the equestrian world again, and plan to take things one step at a time, keeping it FUN.

Ok, time to tackle the never ending to do list. Have a great Sunday and GO PACK GO :-))



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