Sometimes the truth hurts

Sometimes we forget the importance in listening to ourselves when we are so busy trying to keep others positive. Had a chat with a friend today, that even in the moments of soreness and frustration made me smile.

To be bluntly honest I am feeling really frustrated today. A combination of some crazy insane muscle soreness, tired and cold, lack of a STABLE job, and feeling a bit lost. In fact it took me an hour of staring at the clock before I mustered up enough strength and motivation to go raid the advil bottle this AM. Ugh, building back lost strength can be so humbling and painful.

I’m feeling really torn right now in so many directions. Hard to completely explain but it feels as if I need a couple clones, maybe that wouldn’t work either. Not sure. It’s really hard when you want something so so much and sometimes the obstacles in the way seem mighty tall and impossible to move. You keep plugging away hoping to catch a break where you can find the strength to push the obstacle aside and then yet another one moves into that place. It’s just a bit of a frustration. HOWEVER, I won’t give up. I will build back the strength one day at a time. I am grateful to have amazing friends, coaches, and Dr.’s helping me, and I refuse to give in when all of them continue to stand beside me. We are never given more than what we can handle.

And I will never lose the Faith I have and will never lose touch with the love God has for me. Some days without that Faith all else would be impossible.

Keep the faith and never stop giving your best in everything you do.


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